Sunday, November 03, 2013

Succinctly Yours

Meow Cat was pleased. Now she could catch a bird.
A cilantro and bean diet would change her odor to "invisible lure."
Birds should love that!

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- Picture prompt donated by Pat and
Word of the Week: cilantro  furnished by GMa -
GMa's Succinctly Yours Week 137 has links to other posts and gives the rules -
- Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story. Maximum of 140 characters OR 140 words -

- Also shared with Sandee's Awww Mondays.  Thank you, Sandee.


I thought that a cilantro and bean lure was a bit of creative license until I did some googling and found that they enjoy both those foods. No doubt about it both you and Meow Cat at are smarter than I am. Thanks for your enjoyable and educational tale, Jim.
I've heard of eating garlic for days before going camping to repel insects - seems they don't like the garlic odor on our skin, but this take is intriguing.
Wow, I never knew that about cilantro and beans; well, I knew the part about the odor, just not the invisibility part. Very clever and creative, Jim!
And here I was thinking that and odor associated with beans would be anything but invisible, but rather more like a fog bomb! :-) Our cat Tiggy spends just a short while outside each day, and often camps out under the patio table on the deck, watching carefully for careless bird to land at the at food dish for a bit of kibble. She has incredible patience as this game of instinct, and has nearly succeeded in capture on a couple occasions before I came to the door and thwarted her plan. Just like with men in pursuit of women Jim, the fun is clearly in the hunt! :-))
It's also and Awww post too. I'm going to link this post to my Awww Mondays post. :)
that cat looks just like our "tute"
We learnt a lot of new facts via your blogs. Thank you very much, Dr Jim :)

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