Saturday, January 18, 2014

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
Miss her lots, my Cell Phone

I dunked my old Cingular phone into a cup of coffee.  I was driving and had finished talking with Mrs. Jim so I put my phone into the car cup holder without my eyes leaving the road.  Oops!!!
This goes to show one of the hazards of driving while using the cell/text phone.
This one I liked, it was almost antique.  I will replace it with a $14.99 bare bones model, text but no photo, from Radio Shack.

Speaking of things like this, Mrs. Jim is getting along finely with her bunion surgery.  Good think her cast comes off in two more weeks is it has been getting rather confining for her with that on.  (Last week's post telling of her surgery, link.)

Here she is Face Timing with KP, our London grand-daughter, using her iPhone.
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Six Words Saturday:

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At times one may need to answer a call. So it is ok. That is about all that I allow myself. Hoping Mrs Jim is getting along fine. Nice reflection Dr Jim!

My phone only allows me to say "hello" and "goodbye". I drive my children crazy because I don't text. No using the phone if I am alone in the car.
I believe that my cell phone is just about as old as yours! I only use it in the car when I'm calling to order a pizza on the way home from work!
sorry about the cell phone;(◕‿◕。)Have a nice Saturday
Much love

I have an old phone too and I am perfectly satisfied! Hope your honey is recovering from her surgery. I hear it takes awhile. I have a bunion but I am too much of a chicken to have I wear flip flops in warm weather and comfy Crocs clogs in cold weather. Occasionally to church for an hour or two I will wear dressy shoes...but take them off as soon as I get home!

Happy Saturday Jim!
Yep, this happens often. I'm glad you have a new phone too.

I'm happy Mrs. Jim is coming along fine. She'll be thrilled when that cast comes off.

Have a terrific weekend you two. ☺
Antique phones- no fancy features- that's me too, Jim :)
Shame! Can't have been much fun at Christmas for the missus.

Oops! I sure have seen this before and so happy it hasn't happened to me yet. But I've had family and friends that have, and if you can dry it good, or perhaps stick it in rice and it takes the moisture out too!
Gosh I did not know they had the old Cingular up for sale anymore. Glad Ms. Jim is feeling better. sandie
Take care, Mrs Jim.
Good to hear Mrs Jim is doing well after her surgery. Enjoy the new phone.
One time I washed my jeans in the washing machine with the cell phone in one of the pockets. Friends mentioned sticking the dead cell phone into a bowl of rice to dry it out, which I did and then charged it. It seemed to come to life when it was plugged in, but then I realized that the battery was undeniably dead, so my son got me a new battery for $15 online and the phone worked fine again. Amazing.

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