Saturday, January 04, 2014

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:


These six words describe the purpose of Mrs. Jim's right foot bunion surgery on the day after her Birthday (link to her party activities).

The three black objects in the metatarsal bones leading to her big and second toes are screws.  The second one required one screw after it was cut and glued back together in order to shorten it.  The big toe was broken up and stuck back together to straighten it as good as possible.  Do you wonder if her shoe size will change? 
No guarantee about that.

KP and her Christmas dog (toy), "Fluffy", at the right hope that they will never have to have surgery like this. 
Hint: The biggest cause is from wearing high heel shoes too much.

More than you wanted to know about bunions link.

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Six Words Saturday:
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Hi Jim, Believe it or not it's gel! i'm sorry to read of Mrs. Jim's surgery but I hope it will help her previous pain soon. I also have bunions. I do not post my feet on my blog, but I did post a new photo of me,ifyou wonder what I look like. Plus, there's a little contest. Plz give Mrs. Jim extra hugs for me.

I enjoy how you play with the R words in your post. I love words. Do you play Words with Friends or Scrabble?
Fluffy is an adorable name for a adog. What kind of dog is that?
I miss being here. My new yr resolution is to truly blog more regularly.

Gel (your comment box won't let me reply: here's my url for my old blog:

Please take very good care, Mrs Jim.
I hope Mrs Jim doesn't need a new shoe size although I have tried to give away my high heels and no one wants them either.
Yikes, looks painful. I'm probably going to have surgery on my shoulder soon. Got all kinds of issues going on. Bugger.

Have a fabulous day and tell Mrs. Jim to feel better soon. ☺
Much luck for her speedy recovery, and can't forget those happy birthday thoughts of good will and cheer all year long, for you both.
Just think of all the new shoe shopping you will get to do if her size changes! :) Wishing Mrs. Jim a speedy recovery!
Best wishes to your sweetie! and Happy New Year for you and all your family! Cheers!
I hope she is feeling better. I had mine done when I was 19 - my grandmother had them so bad - her feet were distorted.Stay warm,
Hope she's getting better. I wish her a speedy recovery. Wish you both a very happy 2014
I hope she's feeling refreshed and she'll soon be recovered. Thanks for so faithfully joining me for 6WS when I so rarely make it around for visits, despite my best intentions. I'm going to try harder this year to visit more often.
Cute granddaughter. I hope Mrs. Jim has recovered nicely.

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