Sunday, January 26, 2014

Succinctly Yours

Hermé's creation signified a new concept in Economics, an anti-Widget. It was of no value, cost nothing to make, and no labor was expended.**

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- Picture prompt and Word of the Week, Widget, were furnished by
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**More on Widgets:
...My Bachelor's Degree is a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  By teaching and Economics convention in studies and teaching the ideal product to be built, marketed, stolen, etc. was given the  name, Widget. tells us this: Economists often use the term widget to refer to an abstract unit of production. Factories produce widgets using capital and labor (Link).


I noticed there were some less popular uses of widget too but I kind of like them.
Well that's a new twist on widget. I like it.

Have a fabulous week ahead. ☺
Hari OM
never mind the gadget, feel the widget! &*<> YAM xx
Is it snowing near your place now, Dr Jim? Please stay warm and safe, Dr & Mrs Jim :)
Anti-widget is most creative, it could evolve into a new type of sci-fi tale. Enjoyed the link as well.

Sorry the linky was acting up for you. I'm not sure why it was so sluggish this weekend, but it gave me some problems too.
Clever twist
A lovely carefree look! Just like me, Jim :)

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