Saturday, March 01, 2014

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words
I like to shop friendly stores
What is your favorite friendly store?
A little hint, one of mine:
It seems that every time I shop at our local Victoria's I am treated most kindly and helpfully.  My age may help me as I am older than the average man who comes in. 
1.  Mrs. Jim loves her birthday present (January 1), a pair of V.S's. red plaid long pajamas (she calls them 'Granny P.Js) and a light pink striped gown.
2.  I am more at ease at my other favorites, Frys (electronics store), Lowes (hardware and tools), Kroger (groceries) and Houston Amateur Radio Supply.

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They are not only so friendly and helpful, their merchandise holds up for many years.(I live in a different state than you.) Both my "special occasion" attire and regular duds have lasted over 15 yrs and are still going strong. I think they like men of any age in there. They cater to helping men since men are serious buyers instead of merely window shopping. (Yet, I'm always treated with cheerfulness and helpfulness, too.) I only go in about once every 5 yrs or more. I'm not a typical woman who shops a lot. I have no idea if you're older than the average man who frequents their store. Studies show... *wink*.
oops have to post that above comment is from gel, not "S"
I'd agree with you there - any time I have been into a Victoria's Secret shop they have been delightful, and they pack my purchases with great care.
They weren't clear. Does anyone know what they really mean when they say "lifetime", as in "a lifetime ban from all of our stores"?
I haven't been in a VIctoria's Secret in ages, so can't add to that topic, but.. .My favorite friendly store is my local Trader Joe's--they ALWAYS have something pleasant and sincere to say during checkout and it seems as though everyone working there WANTS to be there. I'm always in a good mood when I leave--plus, I always leave with a big bag of goodies!
I like that store too, and I am presently wearing sleep wear from there right now!
Not a big V S fan maybe because I am too big.
I have to admit, I was surprised to see what your favorite store was, but I appreciate the thought of your birthday gift to your wife of the "red plaid long pajamas. :)
Have a nice Saturday; belated greetings to Mrs Jim

much love...
It takes a real man to enter into the world of Victoria's Secret! Cheers!
We have a chain store called Matalan that I quite like, Jim, but I'm no shopper :)
I've never shopped there before. Why? I've not a clue. Just haven't. You are kind to get Mrs. Jim what she likes though.

Hubby does am radio and is learning morse code. He has his general amateur radio license. He loves it.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Mrs Jim likes chocolates too :)
Brave of you to go in there! :)

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