Saturday, June 07, 2014

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
Azores, Dublin, Cork, Brussels, LeHavre, London

more Six Words:
Key West, Wales (Dolgellau, Barmouth), Northampton

It is nice to be home

Today I'm linked with Cate and her Six Words headquarters ( link )

Been gone from April 15 to homecoming May 31 (a month and a half, exactly).

You might want to Google those two towns in Wales. We stayed at B&B's there. Four nights, we had a rented car. No pictures this morning from the iPad but I hope to have some in the next few weeks. Wales finished up our British Isles visits. Now have been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, and Wales, several times for some.

Pictures are Wales countryside, London Big Eye and Big Ben, Northampton village, and more wales (atop Mt. Snowdon and another countryside one).  You can click on them for a larger view.

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Welcome Home. (On the bright side: the globe was probably getting tired of being trotted anyway.)
Welcome home, travelin' man!

Six Words and Shadows
I miss traveling to England, Ireland and Scotland. The worst about coming home is you want to leave again.
Welcome home. After a month and a half away I'm sure it's more than wonderful to be home.

Have a fabulous weekend Jim. ☺
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Welcome home! We missed you!
What a lovely trip, places and family, you had. It's good to be home too, I know, and you have all these lovely memories to recall.
You realize what stunning travel photo you took in that first shot right?!!!!
Looks like an enjoyable time!
You have been to so many places.
Have a great weekend.
wonderfil photos Jim- I was in Wales some time back and loved it! Especially Snowdonia. Cheers!
Oh my word - BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing as pictures are the only way I will ever get to visit, I'm sure.
Welcome home, Dr & Mrs Jim! :)
I'd love to go to all of those places but it is always good to get home.
I have little urge to travel, but I sure do enjoy seeing the photos. The countryside looks so green.

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