Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frisky and Hairy -- Succinctly-Yours

Frisky looked wistfully in the window.  Today she wanted inside out of the rain.  
After Fresh Hairy had come into their lives she became an outside cat. 
"Banished", she'd say.  Not that she was jealous of Hairy, even though she was, just for today she wanted to be back inside in the dry. 
Misses had decreed.  There would only be one inside cat in her household.  And Hairy, a young kitten, needed protection. 
Protection from the other Toms roaming around.  At least until he was 'fixed' after which they would shun him like she wished they'd do for her. 
"You know," she got to thinking, "I wonder if one of those Tom cats would do a murder for hire?" 
"I've lured Hairy outside before, I am sure I could do it again. I'll call John Cat now, he has connections."

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What an evil cat. Bwahahahahaha. Very well done Jim.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Thank you for this much-needed laugh. I enjoyed your story about Frisky and those dubious, back-alley-cat connections of hers!
Hari Om
Strewth, that is one heckuva scenario being plotted there!!! (mmuurrrrrmmuurrrsssssssss as she backs away...) YAM xx
You have a way with works Jim - had a nice laugh.
HaHa! Even cats have connections, Dr Jim :)

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