Saturday, September 20, 2014

my Six Words
Southeast Texas clouds headed to Midwest
[click on the clouds to see how awesome they look!!  Click again for more magnificence!]
Our rain over -- ready to share

I am linked today with Cate at Six Word Saturday headquarters (link)


Sure could use some rain here Jim.

Have a fabulous day. Hello to Mrs. Jim. :)
I think some of it was shared with us last night! :)
Looks nice!
We haven't exactly had rain! Just very damp dreary English weather, Jim. A little depressing but I'm pinning on the cheerful smile. Happy weekend to you and the Missus.
Our rain up here in the great Pacific NorthWET is coming and once it gets here, it won't stop again until next July! It is pretty and green here but I prefer AZ where is it warm and dry and then drive up to the green bits. :)

Love your math Jim! Thx!
I hear you need rain and it is not over! lol
The sky is so blue, Dr & Mrs Jim :)
We desert dwellers would be happy to accept some of your rain, Jim!
Rain is needed in so many places! I wish it would rain in northern Calif. where the fires have been burning!

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