Thursday, September 25, 2014

Six Pictures — My Alphabe-Thursday (4th), the letter "S"

"S" is for Stupid Crooks:

Stupid for getting caught between the posts of the sign

Stupid for attracting so much attention

Stupid for trying to escape by joining a car chase

Stupid for stealing a car with easy to remember license plates

Stupid for trying to hide in the checkout line of a Home Goods store
(its customers are all women)
 [click on any picture to get a larger viewing size]
Stupid for trying to hide behind Mrs. Jim's plush toy, a baby Mike the LSU Tiger
- - - - - -
Today I am linked again (this is the first one of the fourth series for me) with Teacher Jenny at her Alphabet Thursday Letter "S" blog (Link)  (My Older series post links, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

- - - - - -
Mrs. Jim fell and broke her hip on Saturday afternoon late, September 13.  We got her to the E.R. at St. Luke's Hospital in The Woodlands (Houston, Texas suburb).  She was admitted that evening and has surgery for a partial right hip replacement on Monday.
On Thursday she was transferred to the Reliant (health care) North Houston for rehab.  This Friday, the 26th, we are expecting for her to come home.  She will continue rehab either on an outpatient basis or will use home health.  We hope for discharge orders for us coming to a rehab facility.

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Thank goodness so many crooks are stupid. There are many that aren't though.

Oh no on Mrs. Jim. I hope all goes well and see heals quickly.

Have a terrific day Jim. Mrs. Jim is in my prayers. ☺
I do hope Mrs. Jim gets out Friday and come home all safe and sound.
Sadly, stupid can't be fixed either... lol
And prayers for the Mrs...
Please take very good care, Mrs Jim. Praying for you.
Hope the Mrs Jim gets well soon.. Interesting take on the letter S this week.
sending all my good thoughts to Mrs. Jim for a fast recovery....
Wishing Mrs Jim a speed recovery and aren't you a sweetheart with the flowers! Fun post too.

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
Not all crooks can be geniuses!! Cute little Mike the Tiger! "Hey, fightin' Tigers, fight all the way! Play, fightin' Tigers, win the game today..... You gotta go for the touchdown, run up the score, make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar!.....
Can't remember the alma mater, but the fight song has stuck with me!!
Hope Mrs Jim has a speedy recovery!
First of all, I hope Mrs. Jim is up and dancing soon. Second, I laughed so hard when I read the "Stupid Crooks" post. This is really funny.
Thanks for making me smile, Jim!
Glad Mrs. is doing better. Most criminals seem to have that stupid trait.
Fun post. I noticed my typo and fixed it. Thanks for letting me know! Have a great Friday.
Catching up....hope all is well! Just watched Pain and Gain...a movie about the true story of some stupid crooks....♪
Hard to believe some of the moves these guys make, isn't it? I'm gathering from the comments here that you've had some illness in your family. Hope all is well!


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