Saturday, September 27, 2014

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
Home from Hospital and Rehab Facility

Two weeks ago Mrs. Jim fell and broke her hip.  After a partial hip joint transplant (new ball installed in the socket) the following Monday and being transferred to a rehab center Thursday she was released yesterday to come home.  There will be out patient rehab next, starting Monday.
How did it happen?  She fell while going through a rail type fence because her left foot tripped on the lower board.  That happened in Trinity, Texas and we had to get her to our St. Luke's hospital in the Woodlands for the surgery of her choice.
Above is one of the many visitors Mrs. Jim had.  [You can click on the picture for a larger sized view].  This friend, Lynn, brought her Mike the Tiger from Baton Rouge.  Mike is the escort of Mrs. Jim's college, LSU.  They have an excellent football team.

Here is Mike standing guard by the flowers that our daughter, Karen, sent.

And outside Mrs. Jim's window, "Life goes on."
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Many well wishes for Mrs. Jim, Jim! Home is the best place to recover.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. My Beloved Sandra took a tumble this week, too. Fortunately, no major damage, but...such things induce much reflection and worry, eh?
I wish for a speedy recovery.. hospitals scare me a lot, but when they work like this it seems to be a bliss...
I'm glad Mrs Jim is doing so well. It must have been quite an upheaval for her.
Wishing Mrs Jim a speedy recovery
A fast speedy get well! Happiness and cheer for you both this lovely welcoming into autumn! Enjoy all you can.
Oh I wish her well - I had a hip replacement - and it is work - but she can do it - with your help Jim!
I'm glad Mrs. Jim is back home. I know she'll work hard at her physical therapy. It's so important as we all know.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Mrs. Jim. ☺
I love that you care so very much ..... mend quickly Ms. Jim!
I hope she is feeling much better
Well wishes and hope she gets to feeling better!!!
So sorry to hear this news, Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim......she will get more rest now she is home, but the outpatient rehab will be taxing, I am sure. My best to you both.
Sorry to hear this. I hope Mrs. Jim will get better soon. :)
Best wishes to Mrs Jim that her recovery continues to go well.
Oh no! I am sorry for Mrs. Jim!!!! i hate it that she fell and got hurt and had to have surgery and rehab...but glad she is home. Take good care of her Mr. Jim!!!

Happy Saturday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
Good luck to Mrs. Jim! My husband has had a couple of hip replacements on same side--awful! k .
Wishing Mrs. Jim a speedy recovery and smooth sailing for you until then! :)
Praying for a speedy and complete recovery for you, Mrs Jim. Take care.
Best wishes and speedy recovery for Mrs. Jim. And Jim my best wishes to you also. It is always hard to watch a loved one go through pain.
I sure hope Mrs Jim is tip-top again soon! I will keep her in my prayers. Just be sure you spoil her a little while she is recuperating!

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