Thursday, October 09, 2014

A quiz -- Don't leave home -- One Picture — My Alphabe-Thursday (4th), the letter "U"

Don't leave home with _____________(What?)

"U" is for Underwear, my underwear drawer tour is below
_ _ _ _

Quiz answer:  Holes in your Underwear
_ _ _ _

The underwear drawer tour:

Upper left ~~ Shorts with holes
Upper middle ~~ White ankle-top sox, twelve pair the same
Right side ~~ PJ's
Middle row -- White ankle (long) sox, six pair the same
Middle (three stacks) ~~ "A" shirts, holes in the back stack
Front right (two stacks) ~~ Shorts, no holes
_ _ _ _

I do my own clothes washing.  Now that Mrs. Jim is healing from her partial hip transplant (repair a broken hip after a fall) I am doing hers also.  She may pick up this duty again when she has recovered enough.
Note 1:  It was a good thing than Mrs. Jim did not have holes in her underwear since she had go to the hospital and emergency room.  Her mother had always warned her about that.  Also don't leave home wearing dirty underwear.
Note 2: A link to my six-day underwear posts,

Today I am linked again (this is the first one of the fourth series for me) with Teacher Jenny at her Alphabet Thursday Letter "U" blog (Link)  (My Older series post links, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

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My mother always said the same thing about wearing clean underwear. Rarely hear that anymore.

I hope Mrs. Jim is doing well.Have a fabulous day. ☺
Well, I'd have never thought of doing a series on underwear. Perfect for the letter U. So glad Mrs. Jim is recovering.
Ah so true and very witty and humorous post for U! Happy Days to you!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
Jim you make me laugh. Who else could get away with such a series!
That's a really cool selection for the letter U. Great to hear that Mrs Jim is on the mend.
Nice tighty whities! :-D
I'm hoping your wife is on the mend. How life changing for you both!

I am, personally, impressed with your underwear drawer. Mr. Jenny picked up the slack while I was in the hospital and some parts of it were pretty funny.

So sweet he tried.

And so sweet you're doing it.

Thanks for a unique link for the letter U.

So happy that Mrs Jim is recovering :)
Excellent U choice. Hugs to Mrs.Jim for a good recovery...
Don't leave home without it!

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