Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Drawing cards -- for Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday

Cards, luck of the draw?
"Pick a card, any card," cried the barker.  Lucy wasn't very good at gambling, let alone drawing cards for any card game.  So she walked rapidly on by the booth that Saturday morning.  They were at the county fair, she and her cousins came for a lark.  And possibly to pet some sheep when it started getting hot.
Becky tugged at her sleeve, saying, "Lucy, this could be our lucky weekend.  Let's go back."  So they did, walking sheepishly to the stall and then going on very slowly.  Glancing shyly at the young man who had yelled before, Lucy couldn't believe who she was seeing.
It was the timid young boy she thought was so cute.  He was in the ninth grade, over at the high school.  Well now, he couldn't be a bad guy, she had always heard nice things about him.  Whispers passed between the girls, then they came to face the young man in the booth.
The boy smiled, blushed, and said to the girls.  "Who wants to go first?  I'll shuffle this deck of cards and you pick one.  Then you draw another card.  If it matches the rank of your first card you win one of these little dolls.  If you are able to match, then I shuffle them again and you draw two more cards.  If both cards match your first two you win a big stuffed animal.  Now doesn't that sounds easy?  Fun too."
"How much does it cost?" asked Sally a little sheepishly.  "Try it once for a buck.  Three tries for two bucks," said the boy.  "Lucy, you do it, I'll spring for a  dollar."  Lucy agreed.  This was her lucky day, she won a big Teddy bear.
The girls thanked the fellow and went on.  Everywhere they went that day, even into the sheep pens, Lucy brought her bear.  She was on hog heaven.  "I love that fellow," she thought, "such a nice boy."
Little did she know that part of the young man's job included learning how to fix the game.  Either to win or lose, depending on winnings that day.  They needed people in the crowd to see those bears being carried around so they would want to come win one for themselves.

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Photo and Story Copyright, © 2014 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

- I am writing this for Josie Two Shoes, her October 21st writing themes to choose from were card and drawing. I used both as that worked out nicely for me.
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- I may return later to post a more appropriate picture when I find one.  In the meantime this one of KP eating an ice cream cone as she stood by the 'cone man' will have to do.

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"Where did you get that bear?" Others at the fair will ask and she will do his advertising for him! Mind you I like to think he remembered her too.
Well that makes sense. Many want that bear.

Today is Wombat Day. Yes it is and I'm going to go have chocolate now.

Have a fabulous day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. I hope she's doing better. ☺
Ahh yes, Jim, those carnie guys know all the tricks and angles. I remember once my mother winning a stuffed dog for me and I was so delighted, she kept trying for additional wins so that my two sisters could also have a prize, but it didn't happen. I suspect one win was her allotted luck for the day. I found myself wondering if the young man running your carnival booth took a shine to this young woman and wanted to please her as well as have her do a little advertising for the game. Great story, it made me smile with good memories of life long ago. And that sweet little KP up there, she is growing up so fast!! Thank you for joining in on Two Shoes Tuesday, give my regards to Mrs. Jim!
So did she get one or not?????????????
Everyone needs a big bear once in a while.
Anyway, Lucy was lucky on this day. :-)
Clever Strategy. Yes, they do employ such tactics at fairs & also in life...
Nice story! Glad she won! Some people get "lucky" :)

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