Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mist, Moon, and Clouds -- for Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday

Mist or moon she said
If I'm up in my balloon
Then I could see both
Clouds chock full of rain
Headed north to make some floods
They too hide my moon
.- - - - -
Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2014 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
Josie Two Shoes said that the writing themes for Tuesday, October 28th are: 
mist or moon
You can see others at her blog, here.

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I just want some rain. It's so very dry here. Worst drought in years.

Have a fabulous day. I hope Mrs. Jim is doing better. ☺
We got some rain here today too! And clouds.
It rained a few times a few days ago, Dr Jim :)
I would love to have a "birds-eye" view of our sky, Jim. It is so amazing to view it from the window of an airplane, seeing weather from above than down below those clouds. Storms look pretty amazing up there too, but not to be flying in, that's not so fun! I love your photo, the Texas sun is less intense when filtered through clouds! I'm delighted that you've joined us for Two Shoes Tuesday this week! :-)
Good haiku...one of my favorite forms of writing. But it is challenging.
The moon is a great comforter as it reflects the sun's rays for us at night promising all will be well. I enjoyed them both.

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