Saturday, November 15, 2014

Six Word Saturday -- A wedding

my Six Words:
My friends got married last night

My wish and prayer for them is for a long and happy marriage.  Great start, guys!
Jack and Mary tied the knot last night.  They were widow and widower. While married
before the two couples were friends.  Makes sense to me. 
Jack has been my friend for fifteen years.
They are Mrs. Jim's and my ages.  He is part of a year older than I am.
Women don't have to talk about their ages, Mary and Mrs. Jim are ... 
We had a potluck supper at our church after the ceremony.
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I am linked today with Cate at Six Word Saturday headquarters (link)
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BTW, Jack owns the two airplanes I posted here  several days ago 

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How lovely, and they look so happy. I love the idea of the potluck supper after the ceremony. :)
what a lovely couple!
Makes perfect sense to me too! The best of both worlds...may their marriage be long and happy!
They make a great couple! Wishing them much happiness.
I hope the world smiles on them.
I hope they have a long and blessed marriage.

Have a terrific day. :)
Bon Chance!
I love a happy ever after, Jim. Many happy years to them both! :)
Many happy years together for everyone.
God Bless them and their marriage.
what a beautiful couple! Congrats!
They look very happy!
"A long and happy marriage" is the best prayer and wishes for every couple, Dr & Mrs Jim :)

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