Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday ~~ No. 004 ~~ We Travel, # 001

When we travel, some things make my heart warm.  Generally I take a picture on the spot, some I will review, blog, and Warm My Heart again.

In 200 Mrs. Jim and I visited England.  Our kids, Karen, KP, and Bill lived there in London then, for five years.  We stayed with them for quite a while but would travel on side trips while we were on the Continent. 
We visited our friends, Graham and Marian who live in Northamptonshire.  That involved a short train ride up to Milton Keynes from London, where our friends picked us up. 
One of the things we did there was to visit the Spencer mansion at Althorp. (link)  Althorp is where Princess Diana of Wales grew up.  Now, after her death in 1997, Princes Diana is buried in a small lake in the top picture.  [You may click on any picture to make it larger.  The back button will return you here.]

Pictures taken on our Princess cruise from Venus to Istanbul, 
over to the Black Sea, and back past Istanbul over to Athens, Greece
Top row: Three generation picture.  KP and Karen came with us, BP in the picture taken before we left was already starting school.  She graduated last spring and now is in college. 
KP loved the ship and the ship activities.  Food too, pizza was her favorite.  Even for breakfast.  KP single photo, left, was taken in The Ukraine at the mansion where the Yalta Conference (link) was held in 1945.
Dogs were everywhere, especially in Istanbul.  Mark Twain remarked about them in his letters back to California while on his European cruise, from New York city and back (my prior blog).  Back then it was Constantinople.
Monks still live in these mountain top monasteries.  We visited two of them on our way back to Athens.


Cars, three in the U.K.
Top: Left, a part of a boutique display in a London Market.  Right, this little car was parked on the street near Paul McCartney's home. I don't know its make. Other London cars appearing on my blog (link).
Bottom: This old Morgan belonged to some visitors at Althorp (above).  We parked near it when we came but it was gone when we left.
Warm Heart Wednesday for the week of December 11 through December 18. Click here, for links of others or for directions to join with a post of your own. Ms. Jenny there is our teacher.

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How varied, your pictures of enjoyment, but they all hold fond memories. Each time you view them you are transported to another place and time! Lovely. Liz
Lovely family, and I really liked Diana - thanks for sharing what it was like. I think she really loved her kids.
I remember posts from your visit to England. I would love to go someday too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Beautiful photos of what warms your heart ~ favorite are your family shots ~ you are blessed!

Wishing you the magic and love of the season
artmusedog and carol

ps. did you know there was an ad pop up on your blog? ~ weird took me away from your blog to
I remember seeing that lake when watching the TV coverage of Diana's funeral. How nice to be able to visit Althorp. I'm sure you had a good time with your family too. Are they the ones that live in Katy now? Jenny put up Warm Heart Wednesday #5 today. It was late due to a technical problem. You can add your link over there now too.
Wonderful memories of time with family on world travels...warms the heart.
Lembranças de viagem são boas sim.
Cadinho RoCo
What wonderful travels you have had, Jim! I love the quote from Princess Diana. Too bad so many people think it doesn't apply to them.
Those 2 sports cars on the top are cute. I can see myself driving either one. :-)
What wonderful travels! I can certainly see why these memories warm your heart.
I would love to go to the Princess Diana memorial, I remember clearly the day she died and visiting London afterwards and seeing all the floral tributes. I agree there is nothing better than revisiting old holidays to have the heart warmed, looks like this trip was fantastic. Thank you for your visit to my Mumsy post!
Wren x
I've never seen those memorial pictures before. That quote was really incredible.

I can really see why these memories warm your heart!

Just seeing your photos warmed mine!

Thank you for linking.

I wonder where my comment has gone?

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