Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday ~~ No. 008 ~~ A Late Find

This is my NAPA Calendar for 2016. I have been collecting them since 1970's except for the first issue. The others are scattered a little after our recent move of 86 miles from the north side of Houston over to the west side.  We are now in Katy, Texas, instead of Montgomery, Texas, both Houston suburbs.

I generally get them about the first week in November.  I checked the local area NAPA Auto
Parts stores around here in the second week of December.  Either these stores were all out or they had not received any for 2016.

Yesterday we went back for an appointment with Mrs. Jim's doctor. On the way, through Montgomery, I stopped at my former NAPA store and they still had some left !!!  I felt so good about my 'FIND', it was like having a late Christmas present.  "Heart Warming"

The pictures are of two 1955 Desota cars. My favorite is the RED ONE.  You can read the specs and ownership information from the picture below.

_  _ _ _ _

I have a little story about this model car. Back when I was a University of Nebraska college dropout I worked at a watch factory in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Elgin National Watch factory. I knew Dad would not be happy about my withdrawal from school, so I waited to tell him until after I had a job. Plus, as expected, not long afterwards he wanted his Ford pickup, fairly new, to come home. It soon did.

While working at the Elgin factory I became friends with one of the parts inspectors, named Bill, who was driving a race car.  The car was a modified stock class 1934 Ford three window coupe.  I spent a lot of time learning auto mechanics while working with them on the race car.  My first lesson was how to pull a transmission out of the car.  A few times I drove that car and then next one to follow, a 1937 Chevy Coupe, also modified stock.

The point of my story is that Bill's parents purchase a 1955 Desoto 4-door like the blue one in my calendar.  That was in the fall, the next spring both parents were killed in a car wreck.  The 1955 was totaled. 
_ _ _ _ _
The fine print:Warm Heart Wednesday for the week of January 6.  Click here, , for links of others or for directions to join with a post of your own. There Ms. Jenny is our teacher.

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Well that was a sad ending for Bill's parents. I never liked the Desoto. Now Chevy's were an entirely different matter.

I'm glad you got this years calendar.

Have a fabulous warm heart Wednesday. ☺
Great calendar. It's amazing to me how people get into a routine and have to have the same calendar each year.
Glad you got your calendar! Kind of a sad story about those parents. I guess the Desoto was unlucky all around.

Interesting hobby! I'm glad you found this year's calendar.

Are you originally from the Midwest? I'm originally from Canada, but now live here in the Midwest with my husband.
Congratulations on such good luck finding that calendar.

My family and my Uncle's family both had 1956 Desotas. Our was a four door and my uncle's had two doors. They were two tone green. I have a picture around here somewhere of me sitting on the back bumper of our Desota when I was a kid. Do you remember the car repair place on FM 2351 in Friendswood that has a 1956 Desota parked out front? Was that there when you lived in Friendswood? I've always been tempted to ask if I could sit on the back bumper and have a picture taken for old times sake.

When you mentioned the car crash I thought of the hard metal dashboard in the Desota. Not padded like they are today and no seat belts either.
Ouch. That's a sad ending to your story, Jim. It surprised me. I was still processing in my head how you worked at the watch company and were also learning how to work on cars. That was pretty cool how you worked with tiny elements for your job and big things in your spare time.
I have never been much of a car person, Jim. As long as it gets me where I am going and doesn't break down, I am happy. I think that cars appeal to men more often than to women. I am currently driving a RAV 4 that I bought when my daughter traded it in for a new one in New Orleans. It is perfect for taking the pet children to the beach, and hauling around my art supplies. I will probably drive it until the repairs cost more than a car note.
Happy New Year Jim! I am late getting over to Jenny's! I am late everywhere lately. Love the calendar. Have a great week and stay warm if you are getting rain or snow or other surprises from nature! we are in a deep freeze. Brrr........

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