Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday’s Hunt v1.6 -- "F" is for ...

 The topics will be:  Starts with F, Week’s Favorite, and negative space

1.  Starts with "F"Food in the Fridge.  Good snacking in there.  What's in your fridge you'd like to tell?

2.  Week's Favorite:  

I made this little gadget for mailing stuff.  It is two different kinds of plastic tape, a glue stick, and the stamps surrounding the glue.

3.  Negative Space:

Negative Space is the space in a picture around an object being shown.  At right the black is negative space around the white urn pictured below. 

The black now appears of be two men facing each other although it is actually the empty space around the urn.  I purposely cut off the top and bottom to make the visualization of empty space easier.

This is the classic showing of negative space, I can't do it any better than Wikipedia in their explanation and pictures below:

[ Google first image entry found when Googling "negative space" (link) ]
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Teresa of Eden Hills is running this meme, Friday's Hunt. She has three alternatives for us to post about but this one, Alphabet series, will be the one I will try to follow and post about.  - Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter." 
 - The Mr. Linky address
here has others who are participating if you would to read what these folk are doing for the Friday post  - For the week of February 6, our assignment was to post on any or all of these ideas: (1) Starts with F, (2) Week’s Favorite, and (3)negative space

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Great choices for your Friday's Hunt. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
We have baby back ribs thawing out in the meat drawer and I'm looking forward to having that for dinner tomorrow. We also have salmon thawing for tonight's dinner. That's the best things in my fridge right now.

Have a fabulous day and watch out for negative spaces. ☺
My fridge was in sad shape but I just came home from Mom's and she sent me home with a Klondike bar! It's now in my freezer!
the negative space was a tricky one and in photography could also be an empty area in the composition ( ) ....I took the easy route and edited one of my photo's in negative to create a black and white inverted image...the editing button was called 'negative space'! cheating?...maybe! today I would be happy to show the inside of my fridge since I cleaned it out and stocked up just yesterday...also...clever little invention!
Negative space is a challenge. For some reason I always feel like it should be dark space around an object, but knowing that any space around the object counts makes it a bit easier. I'm pretty sure the contents of my fridge should not be revealed. LOL Although, I am using cow's milk instead of goat milk right now. That is one handy looking gadget! Thanks so much for joining me in Friday's Hunt.
That's quite the gadget Jim. My fridge is looking full as I just went gricery shopping, lots of veggies, cheese and milk.
Jim, Fridge is a good one!! Negative space is a good example. Sylvia D.
I'm not going to tell you what's in my fridge because it will make me feel hungry. lol That's quite the gadget you invented!

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