Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday’s Hunt v1.13 -- "M" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of March 25 is (1) Starts with "M", (2) Week's Favorite, (3) Bird or Wings, and (4) a Poem

(1) Starts with "M" :
This is a picture of Mrs. Jim and KP standing by a fairly large statue of
"Mike" the Tiger.

What is his whole name?
Highlight the space between the two " s above to check your answer.

They are at the campus of "LSU" .  Again highlight the space between the numbers to check your answer.

More "M" words for you,  Model A Ford and a Meier, Leslie's 21st
Lucy Stone Murder book.  Hint, I just finished # 22.

"M" is also for Mrs. Jim, my wife (picture), and for Mike (picture) and Mitch (picture), my two oldest sons (twins).  The twins were cropped from our wedding picture taken back in 1973 (picture).

"M" is also again for my two fun cars, a 1974 Mustang II Ghia (picture) and a 1998 Mustang GT Convertible (picture). [search my
blogs or either of those for more pictures or some tales]

(2)  Picture of the Week:

Here is a nice picture of Mike.  Titled, as we say, "Let Sleeping Tigers Lay."

[Click on him or any other picture for a large view.  Click again and it might get larger still.]

(3) Bird or Wings:

You can count the birds in the bottom picture for a calming exercise.  Count them again to see if you get the same answer.

The picture on the left is a picture of a bird's nest in our back yard.  I think the birds have left us though.  The other two I took at London's Regent's Park on our last visit to London.

(4) a Poem, extra for you:

- - - - -

The Fine Print:
- Teresa of Eden Hills is running this meme, Friday's Hunt. She has three alternatives for us to post about but this one, Alphabet series, will be the one I will try to follow and post about. - Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter."
- The Mr. Linky address here has a list of others who are participating if you would to read what these folk are doing for the Friday post

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Hello, wonderful images for the photo hunt. I like the shot of your wife and KP. The last shot of the birds on the fence is a great capture. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family.
M is for lots of things. How fun.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺
Those birds look a lot more comfortable than I would, if I were trying to balance on a fence! :)
Oh Jim, you made me have to think too much with all that "M" stuff.
I like the birds all in a row. Happy Easter weekend to you and yours!
Lovely seeing you family and loved the last shots f the birds on the fence. HAPPY EASTER and have a great week ahead.
Hello Jim, I am not positive about Eurasian birds, but your bird could be the Egyptian Goose. Happy Easter!
That is one big bird's nest! I'm glad you had such a fun trip to Louisiana. Happy Easter
That's one Lucy Stone book I haven't read yet, do enjoy the series. Very nice poem.
Beautiful, fun post! Love the reveal of the M words. Great images all. I do think counting those birds would be soothing to the soul. I really enjoyed your poem with its profound message. Thanks for joining me for Friday's Hunt. Have a happy Easter.
Very nice pictures of a without any doubt very nice walk ! To your question concerning Brussels, fortunately amongst people I know nobody was hurt, they only had great difficulties to get back home ! We live outside !

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