Sunday, September 18, 2016

a Cheeseburger Limerick (poem)


National Cheeseburger Day

O Goodie, it's National Cheeseburger Day
I had mine for lunch, have you one today
Went to Whataburger
Senior drinks free, get urs
Not all give seniors free, some make us pay
_ _ _ _

Photo and Poem Copyright , Jimmiehov 2016, All Rights Reserved

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I've not had a burger in a while. I love In 'n' Out burger. Their Double Double.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
We are starting to get In 'n' out here now. But I've never had them. We do have quite a few "Five Guys", my first one to visit was in London. They had a line halfway up the block beside the building.
Had this comment (with my answer over on "Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place:"


At Sunday, September 18, 2016 5:35:00 PM, Blogger Vanessa V Kilmer said...
what's this you say
they make you pay
find another buffet

At Sunday, September 18, 2016 6:13:00 PM, Blogger Jim said...
I do that, Nessa. Whataburger has free drinks, MacDonald's are discounted to 50 or 60c, Wendy's has free drinks. Around here (Katy, Texas, Cinco Ranch) Chick-fil-a has nothing for seniors, neither does Subway. In Willis, Texas, close to where we used to live, the above free were free. But Subway and Chick-fil-a gave seniors a 10% discount on the entire order.
Other places it pays to ask. Thank you for your limerick reply, it refreshed.

Cute! I celebrated early, we had cheeseburgers at home with sauteed onions and sliced avocado on Friday night. :-)
Yummy, a 'California Cheeseburger." I must try one.
Fun and creative limerick ~ could taste the burger ~ ^_^

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^ wonder we ate a cheeseburger at Sonic on Sunday evening. We didn't know. LOL! It was funny because when the girl inside finally answered us she said very sloooowly, We don't have ice cream, we don't have Coke and we don't have onion rings, can I take your order? HaHaHa! Boy, oh , boy was she unhappy. Three cars squealed away once she told them that! Oh goodness, I am sure their order comes in on Mondays. You know, I ty to stay away from soda but the best thing with a cb is an ice cold Coke!
I think I missed National Cheeseburger Day. We were at the football game. Guess I could have ordered one if only I had known. I had a brisket sandwich instead. I ate some of it anyway. It was too salty for my taste.

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