Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Everything is bigger in Texas"

Cousins from Nebraska standing by Sam Houston
The statue of Sam Houston is alongside Interstate 45, coming into Houston from Huntsville, Texas. It stands 77 feet tall. The 67-ft. tall (plus 10-ft. base) statue is named "A Tribute to Courage."
You can read all about this large Sam Houston monument at Jack and Linda were amazed. Long before they were leaving Texas, they too were saying, "everything is bigger in Texas."
A double take is in order for your first viewing; coming around the bend expect a "did I just see what I thought I saw" confrontation. Come visit us and we'll take you there too!

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Gooday Jim, Thank,s for the visit. The cats names are Souki the larger one,a boy, Polgara is the one on the chair,a girl. They are litter mates from a breeder whose Hymalayan, and short haired Chincilla decided to form their own breeding program.
Yep, Jim I did notice that you had added my blog name to your list, so thanks for that and for your visiting my site and leaving your sometimes "interesting comments". As you may of noticed I am a bit (maybe alot) of a movie buff, so stayed tuned for a future blog on.....wait for it..... "The Three Stooges".
Jim, I've been past that statue. It's true. Everything IS bigger in Texas.
now that is big!
my fav race car driver is from Texas! :)

have a great day!
I was looking at the statue and noticed the big tall guy behind it.
Okay folks I know those guys, they sing in my choir when they aren't out on a world tour.
That's some church building Jim.
Glad the car made it back to the hometown shop. I know there are a lot of good tech's out there but on the road you never know.;
Hi Jim, impressive statue but relative size of Man V Pineapple our 45 foot big Pineapple would dwarf Sam.
Aw, Peter, all is relevant now? Relevants don't dwarf, they just make us think perspectives.

Wait though, what if I told you we have a statue of a termite higher than your pineapple?
Wow that is one heck of a statue.

Take care xx
hey jim ,
thanks for stopping by,
and that rooster is Cornelius he's my tin rooster, he is a tv star, sent his picture in to a tv station for a weather picture, he lookes real don't he! :) he don't eat much :)
If you told me that Jim, I would bow to a more boring statue.
Jim,I've certainly heard of Sam Houston and I'd love to see that tremendous statue of him! :)

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