Thursday, March 06, 2008

Adi, About Me (a little meme)

Hi, my name is Adi. I am a tri color beagle with purebred lines. I am eleven, in dog years that would be about seventy-seven. My birthday is September 1, 1996. My full name given to me by Karen is Adi Jane H(xxxxxxx). [large picture] [super size]



I belong to my misses, Karen, and live with my grandparents, Mrs. Jim and Jim. This has been going on for quite a while starting when Karen moved to where I could not be. I have been experiencing the retired life early with Grandma Mrs. Jim and Grandpa Jim in a retirement like community. [large picture] [super size]

Jim and I are registered with the Delta Society (link), and are a certified pet therapy team. Also, we are members of the Montgomery Pet Partners group (link). Our job as a therapy team is to visit those who cannot have a dog because of circumstances beyond their control.

Currently we visit every other Tuesday at an assisted living home in Conroe. A few years earlier we were going every week when there were fewer teams. [large picture] [super size]

My first year I helped tutor a sixth grade boy in reading. With that job, I am now an experienced reading dog. We helped this boy get reading practice and encouragement so that he could pass his state reading test.

I really like to play. Until I hurt my back, my favorite play sport was to get rough with my Teddy Bear. I would grab it by the neck, arm, or ear and shake it very violently.

My doctor (Brian Hablinski, DVM) at the Willis Animal Clinic (link) told Jim to have me stop doing this as very likely doing that did hurt my back.

Squirrels and rabbits like to play tag with me too! Always the squirrels run scared up in to their tree. [click pictures for large size]
[click here for super size squirrel] [Adi looking, super size]

The rabbits are a little faster and will run and run until they find some brush to hide in. I could go into that brush and flush them out again, but Jim always calls me back.

Jim and I walk about two times a week, for a long walk, perhaps a couple of miles. We do a nice slow walk where I can sniff to my heart’s content. Well almost. [large picture] [super size]


On my walks, I get to meet a lot of new friends. Here are a black lab, Lucy the other beagle, and Shuffles, a turtle who lives down by the creek.
I really like to go for rides. Both in the car and on the golf cart. When we get to going fast enough, you ought to see my ears flying in the breeze.

When I'm tired, I just love to take a long nap in my double bed. [large picture] [super size]
That's where I stay, in the breakfast room, to help Jim write his blogs. Generally I remind him when it is time for a snack or some coffee.

I forgot to mention that my favorite football team is the GO BIG RED Nebraska Cornhuskers. I sit right there with Jim and we watch every play. [large picture] [super size]

Mrs. Jim and Jim travel quite a bit. When they do I get to stay with Karen or one of my aunts or uncles. They all argue over me as I am in high demand. Even some of the neighbors have asked me to stay with them.

[large picture] [super size]
I think Jim is going to let me come to Nebraska this summer for the July 4th parade in Tekamah and to attend Blogstock '08. That all ought to be a blast.

I am a seasoned parader. Last year BP and Mrs. Jim asked me to ride with them in the golf cart. We were all decorated pretty good.

My food likes? Most anything that is edible and that smells halfway good.
My favorite food: Blue Bell Lite vanilla ice cream
Food I dislike: Oranges
Read more about me (Adi Can)
My blogging friends:
Lucy-Maude, Dog's Eye View

My adopted sister, Katrin here and Katrin over there

My claim(s) to fame:
A d i .. C a n ... series

- - - - - - - -

Jim's Note:  Adi died September 17, 2012
.................... (read my tribute to her here)

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Hi Jim, Who would be without a dog hey? Its nice that you go round visiting people who can't have dogs. You mentioned the sheep in your last comment. They are a flock of 35 St Kilda's which is a rare breed. They aren't farmed commercially, just kept out of tradition. My first job every morning is to walk over to them and made sure there is nothing wrong with any of them and take them some hey if they need it. As you know I always try and set myself some tasks and make a list each day on my Palm Pilot and I saw the other day that Yahoo allow you to sync your palm calendar with the one on Yahoo so as people have expessed an interest in my lists in the past I thought I would give it a go then people can pop in and have a look whenever they get a minute if they have a mind too. By the way, can I ask if the golf buggy is yours and what you use it for? Bob.
Oh yes, we mainly use the golf cart for Mrs. Jim (and me once in a while) to play golf.
We are retired and live on a golf course. We do use it for 4th of July parades and in-subdivision picnics and events. It helps with the parking situation doing it that way.

That is nice for the Palm Pilot and Yahoo to work together.

This blog is a 'work in progress' so it may change a little as time goes by. Mostly with additions.
Hi again Jim ~~ I had to Google Polar Bears in Australian zoos.
I remember seeing some when I was a child, but that's in the dim dark past. Didn't know if they still had any and it seems there are a few in various zoos. I saw them at Melbourne zoo. Glad you and Adi cheer people up and visit some who cannot have their own dogs. Take care, and I guess polar bears ARE unique in Oz.
Regards, Merle.
Squirrels don't like to play tag with me so much.
Ah Jim, Adi lives "a dog's life". You are lucky to have such a good friend. If I get to go to blogstock, I will be happy to see Adi there. Does she like lots of attention? She is famous now and everyone at blogstock will know who she is from all of your stories and pictures...

My uncle Larry, that lives in NYC, has a dog walking business and he sometimes "pet sits" in his apartment. He used to have a retriever named Beau and they would get to go to hospitals and visit senior citizens there.
J; You sure look handsome with Karen in the previous post.

I loved reading this post from Adi's point of view. Blessings to you all.
I really enjoyed this post. Love that Adi.
Adi likely got hurt teeing off.
Tell her to quit swinging too hard.
On the blog come you didn't get in the race? You look like you could do it.
I didn't quite understand your comment on the blogstock post. If you meant you haven't been invited then you're not correct. Everyone is and we plan on seeing and etal.
Adi - This was a very enjoyable post. Nice that Jim let you have at the keyboard for such long, informative article. I feel like I know you so much better than before. Your dog friends seem nice, as does your family. I'm glad you're hitting the road this summer - should be fun!

I did check out your other postings, the other day, but forgot to ask - what is that big red wagon you were tied to? Do you really have to pull it?

That was a cute turtle, but did you ever meet a snapper? My brother Toby-Tyler (Toby died several years ago) and I did - twice! Right in our own backyard. The females climb the hill, up from the swamp, burrow under our fence and try to lay eggs in our yard. We barked a lot and I think my mom was glad we steered clear of these snapping turtles. Each time, she let them bite on a stick, pushed them into a trash can and drove them to a nearby pond. They were about 16" long and mean!

I like the painted ones that visit. We had one live in our yard for a few weeks, last year. And frogs and toads! I love spring and summer, don't you? So much to keep track of, out there.

Anyway, Adi, Keep up the good work. I enjoy hearing about all your work and play experiences... Lucy
Trying to get caught up on my reading. Good post. Aslo read the one on the Texas Independence Relay. Tell Mike and Karen way to go. That had to be a little unsettling for Karen to run past a bar, in the dark, at closing time.
Now I know Adi SO much better!
I'll get to meet her (and Jim and Mrs. Jim) at Blogstock '08. Hooray!!
Adi has abused that poor Teddy Bear long enough.
I think the bear got its revenge on Adi by harming her back.
Adi would be great therapy for anyone. I see why she is in high demand. She is a good doggie.

I like oranges, Adi. I wish you did too, but I understand about not liking certain stuff. I hate mayonnaise, and so I don't eat it. I wish it was against the law to have it at all anywhere in this country.

Adi, you can be the official mascot of Blog Church, if you'd like. This makes you an honorary member, and entitles you to attend any services. You also can have treats in the foyer if Jim says it's okay.
You can visit the sick also and make them feel better.
Thank you, Jamie, I am honored that you want me to be the mascot.
Yes, I accept.
Jim is still deciding about the treats.
Hey Adi!!
I just found out that you had your own blog!
Does that sore back that you have mean that you won't be taking any more flights to Canada,eh?
What will I do without my pilot?
Princess can't fly and neither can Mrs. Mac's Miss Lucy so I will be really stuck if you give up on me!
Please try and take some more therapy and promise me that you will be flying all those cats and dogs over to Canada in the near future to visit Uncle Bernie and Aunt Terry...Give my love to your gramma and grampa Jimmie...Love A. Terry
Dear Jim & Adi, Thanks for visiting my 2 gray boys, Gandalf & Grayson! And thanks for introducing me to Adi! I just love Beagles, they are so sweet! If my cats ever allow me to get another dog I would definitely consider a Beagle! Friends of mine had a little male named Jake who was just the sweetest creature imaginable! Of course, I also adore Pekes and Pugs and Labs and mutts and ...
Will, I scream for ice cream too! Now that I have my little (adopted) sister, Katrin, my life has changed.
One thing that has not changed is my love for ice cream. It isn't so bad, Jim and Mrs. Jim have ice cream every night before they go to bed. They leave it out in the carton while they are eating to let it melt around the edges. I get what has melted. I do have to share with Katrin now but they have plenty for each of us.
BTW, Jim will (someday) add about Katrin to my Meme, he is a pretty busy guy right now.
Wednesday he will take the time for us, him and me, to visit our usual haunt at the assisted living home. Those residents and I have some wonderful moments.
And, you can search for 'Katrin' at the links at the bottom of the Meme or Jim's Little Blog and/or Jim's Little Photo Place.
.. sweet..

adi is a lucky dog..
Adi is such a wonderful furry friend. That comes through in this post and all the ones you mention this special friend. I was sorry to read that health issues are a problem, so sad. Enjoy each and every special day together. There are never enough...
I'm also guessing that you are the boss around the house too. That's the way it works here with our Little Bit. She's the boss here for sure.

Have a terrific day Adi. My best to your parents. :)
Adi is a great dog. She should have come and played Punny Monday. Since you came without her, a bird won instead of a dog.
She is so cute, sorry she heard her back!
Jim, you are right, Adi was truly a remarkable friend and service dog. You and everyone who knew her were truly blessed.
Jim, Adi looks so happy and healthy and what a good life he had - a great life. So cool he was a therapy dog and visited those who cant have dogs. So sad for dog lovers when we're not allowed to have those wonderful creatures who bring us such joy. I am so sorry for your loss. You must miss him terribly. It has been three years now and I was crying just today for missing my big old wolf dog. He was fourteen when he died, but it still was way too soon for me. I didnt know playing with a toy like that could hurt a dog';s back. My Jasmine does that all the time.........Thanks for your visit to my site, Jim. All the best.
It sounds like Adi had as grand and happy of a life as any dog could ask for. I'll bet she is still sorely missed by all the people she touched.

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