Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

Our recent visit to The Antique Rose Emporium (link) with the Montgomery County Early Ford V8 Club.

The Antique Rose Emporium has some wonderful landscaping. They specialize in antique roses. We took a lot of pictures, everyone did. I especially liked these.

[click for large picture] [super sized]

[click for large picture] [super sized]

[click for large picture] [super sized]

[click for large picture] [super sized]

[click for large picture] [super sized]

[click for large picture] [super sized]

Looks like someone was left behind.

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they say that in heaven the roads are all paved with gold, that gold up there is only used for ornimation, to adorne, that it has no value except for the eyes, and that the colors are out of this world...can't wait, oh wait a minute i CAN WAIT
I always knew that this road existed... but I didn't know that YOU were "the wizard"!? ~ jb///
I like these very much too, Jim! :D
Where's ADI? Did she follow the yellow brick road? I like those pictures....
Great pictures Jim! I love the yellow brick road. Looks like you found a good spot to sit down for a break!
OK Guys.

Mr. Putz, I can wait too but really I've done everything that I need to do and most of the things I want to do. It gets that way when you get old and achy.

LZ, thanks for the compliment.

Maryt, thank you, these are pretty places.

Lucy, Adi stayed home waiting ror her doggie bag. We at lunch at Brenham also.

Rachel, I pulled that red wagon around with me all over the place. It was for our purchases. Mrs. Jim had a plant in it for me to pull around for a while but changed her mind.
Hi Jim ~~ Good post with some really
great photos. Looks like a nice place
to visit. I liked the Yellow brick road idea. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Dear Jim,
I fell in love with Toto the dog.
Since I am too busy to care for a Beagle, I think I have to present Gunnar to Toto.
Thought I saw a lot of perennials there as well as roses. I usually go for the easy ones there as well. The roses are to craving for my kind of gardening.
To night I have plans of foul play. Hijacking Serina while she think we are out for late night shopping, and go to a far away place to dig up wild lupines.
They cost 20 dollars (where is the dollar sign on this laptop?)for a tiny root, and I need at least ten-fifteen for my bed behind the garage!
Lowely days for outdoor life, isn't it?
From Felisl
Dear Jim...Putz is right about that road in Heaven that is made of pure gold! How nice that will be!!

This road is nice too but I am feeling that Adi will sure have his nose out of joint when she sees this picture of you sitting beside that black metal doggie!
Even though Felisol loves Toto and we agree on almost everything except garlic,. my favourite dog in the whole wide world is Adi!
When will she be home?
Hi Jim. Follow the yellow brick rd to visit the wizard and therehe was sitting next to tin man and toto... weres Adi..
Thanks for the pictures JIm. Looks like an imteresting place.
Merle, it is a nice place. They specialize in antique roses. Those are not hybrids and generally have developed an imunity to a lot of the diseases the weaker hybrids get.

Felisol, I like Toto too. In fact I really was sitting in my wagon beside Toto and not just the larger Tin Man.
Our first dog we had after we were married was named Toto, she was a very nice dog.
Yes, they sell a lot of different plants, not just the roses.

Terry, let's us not tell Adi about the Yellow Brick Road and Toto. We left Adi home as we were only gone about eight hours.
This last week she has been at Karen and Billy's place while we went to Austin, Texas last Friday for the granddaughter's college graduation and this weekend as we are in Louisiana for Mrs. Jim's family's reunion.

Jeanette, I'm glad you found me. I am getting to like this picture.
As I mentioned above, Adi is visiting Karen and Billy while we are running around Texas and Louisiana.

Ralph, it is an interesting place. You would like it as you are a forester. Thank you for the picture compliment, I took quite a few, these in particular had a theme I could story about.
I was thinking blog when I took them.
I'm so glad you included that photo of yourself in this post!
What a neat place!
That yellow brick road is fanciful and enticing.
I'd surely want to follow it and see where it leads.

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