Friday, July 31, 2009

Where's the Texas Sky Pollution? (sneaking Baby KP in) -- Looking At the Sky

First we need a little commercial to promote the latest of our Jim's Bunch.

You can tell Baby KP is a bona fide member of Jim's family because she is already taking charge of the remote.

We think this is a real cute picture because we haven't had too many where she isn't sleeping.

So far her eyes are brown but they could turn green like her Grandpa Jim's (mine).

Now back to Looking at the Sky:

This is a nice looking sky with just one little Oklahoma cloud. I don't know what it is doing in Texas but definitely it is too small to be from Texas. Everything is big in Texas. (Those very small cloud friends are visiting from Louisiana.)

Don't complain about the quality, I took it through the windshield while on the move. I had to put down my cell phone right in the middle of a text message I was making to get the picture.

It wouldn't have looked so good had I not taken using the telephoto setting.

Here you can see the visual pollution of the many signs we have to put up with on our way to town. I hope they are helping the merchants who put them up. For sure the sign companies are staying in business.

And in Texas, the dolphin rider is a cowboy.
What else?

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So far, she doesn't look like Willie Nelson. Check the toe tags?
Baby KP has got it going on. Good for her.

I'm going to play this meme tomorrow. I ♥ Tisha.

Have a terrific day with that Texas sky. Big hug. :)
KP is super cute. I am sure she just wants to give her eyes some more rest so that they'll be even more beautiful later.

I really smiled about the Oklahoma cloud. Since I've got friends from Texas AND Oklahoma, I know the difference. :-)
cute baby! i don't know with others but to me your little cloud there in the middle looks like duck, had this funny smile on my face when i imagined cloud formation, nice shot even while moving! happy weekend!
Cute child there Jim. Hope all's well with Mommy K.
Funny writing with the cloud shots.
You're not kidding anyone, you REALLY want her to have green eyes, don't you.
Very nice sky photos as well.
Baby KP is gorgeous. I see she has the same roaming red spots that my grand daughter Hope has, every time she wakes up one is gone and there is a new one

This is so wonderful Jim, they are about the same age - we can share them growing up together

You commentary about the phone made me laugh!!!!

and I'd love to meet a cowboy like that

they do ring the bells - for weddings and funerals and for 11 AM Mass
the old house is the rectory - the original church burned down and they built the modern one - it always makes me think of the Brady House for some reason
The best picture is without a doubt Baby KP.
Mine is finally up.

Have a terrific day and weekend Jim. :)

Looking at the Sky on Friday
Lone Star = Big Sky

The baby is a perfect accompaniment to any photo. She is adorable, and makes for a wonderful picture all by herself.

Back to the sky, why are puny Okie clouds floating over the state line? At least the little cloud belies the more ominous term "Tornado Alley". Nice blue sky, though!
Those might not be clouds visiting from other states, you know. They might just be Texas clouds that are very, very far away. Perspective is everything ;)

And the baby is adorable :)

Tink *~*~*
The skies and all are lovely Jim but oh may what a cutie Baby KP is!
Well, I did see a few sky pictures here but the baby picture was way more captivating to me (a mommy of three!!!) Thanks for sharing that beauty with us along with your skies this week.

Happy Weekend!!!

cute pics....

that yellow thing is vegetable...
Traction Booster Gauge
Dear Jim ~~ What a lovely little girl KP is and she looks so brightwith her eyes wide open. The
clouds like nice against blue sky.
We often have just a grey all over sky of late with minor patches of blue very occasionally. Geoff's home is beautiful inside as well and his wife Jo, has worked all their married life to help with the payments. She worked at night when the kids were small.
I am glad none of yours are homeless, mine all have homes they are buying. Geoff's is a mansion.
I hope your sister liked the blonde recipes. Poor Tom he should
have been safe asking for salad, so
she didn't dress for that.
Take great care, Jim, Regards, Merle.
I love Baby KP's photo! She is so cute. Actually I love all, your sky shots are fantastic.

Happy Sunday!
Hi Jim, your grandD, KP is so lovely cute. My 4 month old nephew was the one admitted. Diagnosed with UTI. Poor baby. Excessive use of dispo diaper is the cause probably. Glad he is ok now.

Yeah i have to work on my bday but it was nice. It made me forget that there was no grand birthday celebration for me that day except those few people who made me feel it was really a grand day by giving me free lunch. hehehe

Thanks for appreciating my skies beyond the wires. :)

Have a great weekend!
The sky pictures are pretty but not as pretty as baby KP!! Good to see her with her eyes open! I know you and Mrs. Jim are busy spoiling her already!!

That cloud is a TX cloud even if it's small! Maybe it's a baby TX cloud!
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. I was disappointed at the
end of the Monk joke, not to find out what the sound was!!!
I like Groucho's quote. You are the oly person who commented on the Color Article. It was good too.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hey, Baby KP, welcome to the world and to Jim's family! :)

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