Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two down -- Gateway is still up and running

These two are down. Mrs. Jim's Averatec on the left was so nice for her. She really liked its 13-inch screen. It developed a vertical line on the display which turned into two. The extended warranty was over in a week. WalMart said send it back, they would fix it. [click on pictures for larger view]

Mrs. Jim's computer is now in Illinois with Micro Medics awaiting a new LCD panel (screen). On their first try the wrong one came, the right one is due in Illinois Monday. I assume it didn't have to come from China.

On the right above is my computer, a old trusty HP. I've had it for years. It has a 14-inch monitor which I really like. Norton 360 was dragging it down, there was a fix but putting the fix on wasn't that easy. I killed it. It won't even come up in safe mode. Thank goodness HP was including restore discs back then. Now if I just had time to make it go again.

This is old faithful right now. Even though it isn't that old I must talk good about it because it is all we have right now. Mrs. Jim and I share it.

It is a Gateway (again 14-inch screen, I really like that size) and is young in years, less than a year. I bought it really cheap to take when we travel. That way if it got stolen in the airport or motel room or parking lot we wouldn't be out that much.

The Gateway has turned out to be my pet, it is fast and easy to work, especially with the Vista and Explorer 7. Here it is helping me do my Sunday school lesson preparation last Saturday. My desk was cluttered so I just cleared off the work table and worked there.

Out the window is our back yard. The first 22 feet are ours, the next part over to the houses we share with some golfers. Ours is a golf course home, we are on the dog leg of the eleventh fairway of the Weiskopff course. We have three courses in our subdivision, two of which we can afford (barely) to play.

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Can't live with them -- nor without

I saw this on Quilly's blog and decided to give it a try.
Here’s how it works – describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
For more information,
ask Cate.
After you post, sign in there with Mr. Linky
and then visit others listed as you wish.

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Too bad, as you can see, Mrs. Jim had a happy little computer who didn't care one bit that it was broken. Bye-bye, and hurry back!

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My hp tablet is starting to show her age and I'm so reluctant to part with her. Even though I can get a great deal on a shiny new replacement, I think I'm emotionally attached. Hope all your computers are in good condition again soon!

Thanks for playing along this week with 6WS!
What can you live with
or live without? Your answer
tells what you’re about.

My Six Words
Okay, MMT, you are fast today! I left the question as open as I could.
Guess you could fill in the blanks.

Cate, thanks for doing this 6WS thing. I look at ads for new computers every day myself!
And I do have one older-still HP lap top that sits on the floor, never used anymore. Poor thing.
True in so many ways.
Back from my trip to Galveston....Glad you had a spare computer to play with.... I hope Mrs. Jim's computer gets back in one
You know, the last time I was without a computer, my house was always clean, my "to be read" book pile reduced at a drastic rate and we had some of the most ornate and creative meals I'd ever cooked -- and I was still bored!
I prefer to live WITH them... and dual screens help that much more! Just picked up a 24" screen, and voilà! I could see. Sucks getting old.
How on earth did we manage before we all had a computer or two in our homes? Happy SWS!
I say Amen to that, brother!
We have four computers in the house, plus John's work laptop. One computer died this week, resulting in us not being able to watch tv. It was tough getting Jacob to understand why he couldn't watch Mr Rogers. Definitely pros and cons to living with a geek!
Hope you get your computer back soon!

I too cheer for Nebraska - Hubby's uncle played there and his Aunt's dad was a coach :)
So true - besides just computers!

Thanks for stopping by earlier today.
Dear Jim ~~ I do hope Mrs. Jim's computer is returned fixed, very soon. I am quite OK after the fall.
I will have to carry less at time.
Glad you also liked the family photo
and the blonde on the plane.
Thanks for going to wish Jeanette
a Happy B'day. Take care, my friend.
Regards, Merle.
The idea of going without my Dell sends shivers down my spine. Oh the horrors. :(

Happy belated 6WS!
Ouch! I feel your pain. We are now known by name on site at the only repair shop in out area. We have been there so much over the last 6 months. Just dropped off the grandson's PC this past week.

The hubby and I gave up fighting the viruses and went out and purchased two Mac's. He a notebook and me a mini. We saved out one good PC to use off line for photos and the like.

thanks for the visit and comment to my CC post. I have a Sunday Favorites you might like as well.
After a long, long time of thinking about it I bought a new LCD monitor for my PC. I still had an old one that started to act funny time by time.
This is the new LCD monitor
Have a great week, Jim!

p.s I like the cat widget on your site! I's really cute :-)
guess what i am really really missing jim??????blogging yes u know...blodding...talking to people , ranting...what am i to do/???????? NEED SOME ADVICE?????ASK JIM YOU SAY....I WANT TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT MY BELIEFS, MY DISBELIEFS, MY PAST M Y have seventteen concerned poples right here on this little blog and i have none on my defunked putz blog...woe is me woe is me

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