Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and that -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- old, not as old, naughty, and bad


[large picture] [larger picture]

This is a red wheel on the 1927Model T Ford my friend John had found (link).

Not as old

[large picture] [larger picture]

This 1950 Red Mercury Convertible belongs to one of our local Early Ford V8 Club. I drove a black 1950 Merc coupe while I was in the Army at Fort Bliss (five years).

It was a Jimmy Dean Mercury although his was the similar 1949 Model (link-mine had a sunvisor, and a spotlight that his didn't). Driving that Mercury around helped me to feel like a rebel with causes you wouldn't want to know about (movie, Rebel Without A Cause [link]). Not me bad, just youthful causes, BTW.

I did look a lot like Jimmy Dean back then!

Naughty -- Bash Him Again!

[large picture] [larger picture]

This fellow is doing a no-no for Texas Driving. He was driving too slow in our fast lane of the freeway. It looks and sounds like revenge from my driver seeing that cracked windshield. I assure you it was not although do we see here a major cause of Texas Road Rage, driving in the wrong lane.


[large picture] [larger picture]

These fellows are stealing water from our little creek. I am not sure where they will go or what they will do with that water. I hope for their sake they don't drink it. [Adi and I caught them in the act in one of our walks (link).]

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Hi Jim,
That little wheel is quite sweet.
Love the convertible. I bet you were some kind of rebel in the day. :)
Bash him again - like we were looking at a demolition derby through the windshield!
The guys getting water are a mystery - mixing cement, watering plants or lawn, drinking water for animals....?????
very cool, i love cars old and new i am kinda a car gal and no that car was in the parking lot as is w/ spots not very much into modifying shots
Interesting post...love the convertible.
Texas road rage huh? Wonder if it's as bad as California road rage? Might be.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Cool convertible, Jim. Or should I say Jimmy? ;-)

You rebel, you.

Did you immediately thjnk of Ruby Tuesday when you saw that guy wearing a red shirt? I'm betting you did.
I sure like your car photos. You and Adi can prevent water theft.
really cool..

very smart pick of pics!
Old red Mercury,
someone takes good care of you—
oh, how you glisten!

My Ruby Tuesday
wow, That is some crack. I hope it was not the vintage car. I'm with you on the fast lane. In Germany there is a saying "recht so" meaning stay in the right lane. I always remember that saying and today it is constantly in the head while on the highway. Happy RT
Nice car cool! Happy RT!
I love old cars, too...guess cause I learned to drive in one.!!
People driving in the left, PASSING lane is one of my pet peeves.
Now, stealing water? Don't think I've ever heard of that.
Happy Red!
Good post, Jim! I love that antique RED car! Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! :)
Jim, I followed a link from Hootin' Annis to see your photo of the beautiful red Mercury. In those days the cars had STYLE. Enjoyed visiting with you. I hope the stealing of water has stopped since those guys got caught.
Kewl post ;--)
A bit of nostalgia goes a long way doesn't it? Thanks for dropping by mine at Small Reflections earlier. As for the unfortunate turn of events in that tennis match, I was watching it live on TV and when I heard the foot-fault at that critical point in the match I couldn't believe it. I understood Serena's reaction. I suspect the ace she served would have been 30-30 and she would have held for a tie-break ... possibly winning the second set. I would have LOVED to have seen a 3rd set between these competitive players and that's the pity of the whole incident. I don't condone the WAY she responded, but I do understand where it came from given Serena's fiercely competitive spirit ... especially when she's playing from behind. Remember last year when Venus had 8 break points against her and wasn't able to convert ... ultimately losing that match. This year COULD have been similarly competitive but for a foolish call from a lineswoman. Such a shame!
Hugs and blessings,
Love the cars!

looks as if you went on scavenger hunt and captured wonderful gifts
I love that old car. Sorry about the water thieves but it made a good photo.
Oh! Your great spoked wheel shot just reminded me that I have some fabulous Ruby Tuesday pics I took at the 100th anniversary of the Friday Harbor, Washington Fire Department. They had some wonderful old pump trucks on display.
I really like the old wheel

slow drivers in the fast lane make me a little crazy, it's dangerous and all they need to do is move over

Hope sends hugs to KP
Dear Jim,
This to me was a culture crash Ruby Tuesday.
I might probably easily get shot, had I dared to place my feet or a car in Texas.
The headmaster at my primary school went under the nick-name Texas. He had a phenomenal quick draw. I'm referring to the way he drew his spectacles from his pockets when he was angry.
We would wait breathless for the crucial moment, and bite our chins to keep from bursting out in laughter.

I like the T-Ford, it's a soothing work of craft from slower times.
I also still have a weak spot for James Dean and the car dueling scene.

Stealing water from a creek, that's where our words collides.
I've been out hiking today, eating blueberries, drinking water,picking mushrooms, collecting stones from two closed uranium and glimmer quarries.

On our way we opened a carefully closed four heavy gates, set there to protect the cattle.
No one would even think of criticizing me for doing so.
The paths were carefully marked, and the farmer had even set up a parking place for hikers outsidethe first gate.
Come to think of it; there's a law in Norway about free roaming in beach and mountain districts.
I of course would knock on the door and ask for permission before entering a private garden for water.
Maybe the water-thieves are not that familiar with American laws??

Best protection is an angry guard dog.
They for sure scare me.
Maybe Adi looks to friendly?
Oh, she's a good and wise lady, but would hopefully protect her friend and master.
From Felisol
Hi Jim! It's been a long time :0)
I like that wheel and that cool red Mercury! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!
LOL .. There was a little car
The cutest little car..
The cutest little care I ever did see..
The car was on the wheels
The wheels were on the ground..
The motor in the car made the wheels go round...

Match in the gas tank...NO CAR!

Love that red wheel...sorry..but everything reminds me of a song..including your wheel.. :)
Very nice shots! I love the Old one!

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