Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Model T Ford Garage carport/shed find -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --

[large picture] [super large]

After last week's Ruby Tuesday activities at the 'Down Home Cooking' restaurant where I gave it a rating, my friend, John, asked me if I minded following him to this place. He had left his camera home and wanted some pictures of a car he knew about.

I never pass up opportunities to look at old cars so off we went. This is what he wanted to see, he had discovered them earlier in the year. They are a pair of Model T Ford cars. Either 1926 or 1927, my guess in 1927. In 1927 the Model T had wire wheels standard equipment, in 1926 they were optional. Before that the T's used wooden spoke wheels.

Please note that the wheels are red. That bit of red is what is keeping me honest today for Ruby Red Tuesday.

I was surprised and delighted with the find. The last time John had talked with the owner they were not for sale. Times and circumstances since have changed now. He doesn't know if they could be bought.

I suggested that he offer to pay $1000 for cleaning the shed out if he could have the cars and whatever else the family did not want. That means work but John has some grandsons who would really like to help grandpa in his quest for more old cars.

[large picture] [super large] [large picture] [super large]

The one on the right is for sale at a moderate price, $9,950 . It has been restored but before the restoration I imagine it looked very similar to the one John found in the back of the shed.

[large picture] [super large]

The front one is my favorite. Hot Rodders use them to make "T-bucket" hot rods. Most of the originals have been either restored or used up for hot rods. A new fiberglass reproduction body can be had for several thousand dollars.

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You can have the Model T in any color as long as it's black. Nice to see Maroon-black.
Dear Jim,
Cool Ford on flat tires.
Your comrade better hurry, or I'll inform my cousin Reidar.
He has been known to import rare cars from the US for years.
1000 dollars is cheap, very cheap.

Have you ever visited the German Hansa Stadts?
They are impressing.
From Felisol
How cool. I love old cars too. What a great find. Keep us posted if your pal gets the cars. What an excellent post.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
These are cool cars. I also like how they are stuffed into the shed--it looks like they had everything put around them!
The old cars are a great find. Were the wheels red original.
Great RT photos, but what are they asking for that Chris Craft? Now there's a find for sure.
These are gorgeous old cars. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Cool with the red wheels.
Old vehicles are neat. Ralph got me interested in looking at them.
I'm posting a photo of one for Ruby Tuesday this week. You might know what it is called. I don't know what it is, but I guess it may have been used by a farmer way back when.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
what an interesting find! it would be a blast driving this vintage in the streets of Manila.:P
I love vintage cars! Cool shots you got here. Here's my entry. Happy RT! :)
Great shots. My late BIL had a garage full of Model T parts. Selling them off kept his kids and food for a couple of years after he died. Not a cheap hobby, but a fun one.
Secretly, I've always wanted to buy one and fix it up so I could cruise along in it!!!

Love 'em Jim.

My R T is posted. It's a small 2 minute video I compiled for You Tube about "Flamingo Fandango". Come visit if you can!! Happy day.
Good morning Jim, Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Cameron's chief engineer job is not paid, but he is going to have 2 jobs on campus.

Sorry, he's not into ham radio.

I just posted my Ruby Tuesday offering. Have a great day!
I like blue better heheh nice pics. Happy RT! My first entry is up.
Oh yes, the red wheels make you honest. (Ha! I bet you wish it was always that easy...only kidding.)

Neat old car. You know, $1,000 sounds very cheap to me.
I noticed the red wheels right away!

I want to clean up that beauty and show her off :)
Kewl 'vintage' find ;--)
Hope that red isn't rust!
Hugs and blessings,
ok that is so hard work!!!

your blog post braught a smile on my face!!!
The Model 'T' was a great car. But old Henry stayed with the only color but black for too long. These examples are of nice colors, and the wire wheels are classic. Nice examples, but the soon to arrive Model 'A' had more style and color selections. And a whole 40 horsepower...
Hidden and old that is still an awesome subject for RT!
I LOVE old cars, too! Those babies here look gorgeous :-)

Thanks a lot for your comment - the 'maybe just planting seeds without harvesting' came the right moment. I had just started thinking if it really was important to go and see the lady again, although the Lord's command to go was quite clear...

I'm glad your knee is better! I started to walk around at home today, so it's getting better, too.

I don't know if I can view twoe pages at one time... Should try to figure it out.
Jim - Nice pictures! Even though I never had a car as old as these classics... Right after high school, I did have a '39 Plymouth Coupe that I was in the process of rebuilding (with a 283 Chevy engine in it) until I ran out of money... in the mean time the city towed it away and by the time I had enough money to get it back, I decided I had better go to college instead. ~ jb///
That's a pretty amazing find. That has been worth a pretty penny.

The answer to your question is the kids wrote theior own vows. Cliff did an amazing job of putting everything together.
Wow, great cars. I'd buy em up if'n I were you.
hey mr. jim...these are really nice pictures of these old cars.
just the right amount of red for ruby tueseday.
i am glad that you liked the fire engine on my ruby tuesday.
i know that i did put a lot of pictures in but never you worry
mr. jim...there are many more pictures where they came from!
we took 17,000 pictures on our western trip and because i made double copies, i had to buy a 500 gig external drive to put on 35.000 pix!
i have lots of more ruby reds to make posts for a while!...
i loved yours this week.
hopefully dad golden's fire engine will be there next june when we go back to my beloved manitoba and then seeing as they have treated it like trash, i will get bernie to take a few little parts off!!!
love terry

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