Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Don't rain on my picnic -- MidWeek Blues -- Other good and bad

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But it did rain regardless of the perennial request for a cool sun shine type day for the annual 'Picnic in the Park' for our subdivision. These people were sitting behind us. Since we were drinking Diet Cokes when we came up there wasn't an offer of wine from them.

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This might look like baptizing in the pond but instead it is a 'soap-em-good slide' rigged up for the kids to have fun.

There was also face painting and other games for the kids. The adults talked.

It doesn't look like the rain bothered these guys, does it?

The Good!
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Baby KP was listening to one of PapaJ's jokes. Isn't she growing fast!

Do you think she believed me? Yes, I have to be careful, my grandkids believe every word I say. Once in a while I tell them I am joking.

We have had KP here since last night, she spent the night with us and all day today. Tonight we three will meet Billy for him to take her on home. She is a very pleasant baby. I think it runs in the family, I was nicknamed 'Smiley Jim' and 'Grinny' by my grandpa and and then the endearing (not) opposite of smiling in high school.

The Bad.............

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Saturday night I cut my hand. This doesn't look like a very big cut but I did go to the urgent care clinic at our health provider.

The doctor said I should have gone to the ER Saturday night as stitches would have been good for it. Since I didn't he put some of his magic skin glue in the crevice.

It is healing fairly nicely and the glue plug has come out. How did it happen? I was trying to catch a falling glass bowl from falling onto the floor. I stopped it between my hand and the dishwasher. The stop was okay but the dish broke into several pieces and one stabbed me in the finger joint.

We didn't know at the time, but our ER was in drive-by status Saturday night. It was overcrowded with flu patients. One of the reasons I didn't go then was because I didn't want to get sick by catching something from all of the 'sick persons.'

I was right.

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Parosols go with picnics since the French.
I love the picnic in the rain with your umbrellas. That's a memory to laugh about in the future. Hope that finger heals...better not to get swine flu!
That baby is turning out to be beautiful like her Mother.
Good choice in not going to the clinic to mingle with the coughers and hackers.
The picnic is a good idea. Sorry about no wine. Take your own is the lesson eh?
Dear Jim,
Hope your blues has turned into smiles.
Mine did when I saw baby KP.
She's a ray of sunshine and a rare beauty.
How lucky you are to get to keep her for an overnight sleep. How lucky she is who has such nice grandparents.
Next time you go for a wet picnic; bring your own tempting wine, or a silver-flask with some comfort-drops in it.

Adi is a bell posing with the flowers, one can't tell she's feeling uncomfortable.
You've trained your favorite model well.

Hope your ring finger is recovering well.
Take care!
From Felisol
KP is adorable. And Grandpas never lie.

Anything in the cracks of the fingers hurts like crazy.
I have cut myself a few times from trying to catch a falling dish... and the clean up isn't fun either!

You sure have an adorable granddaughter! What a sweetie... And that slip and slide looks like a blast.

Glad to hear your finger is getting better... and I totally agree with you... stay away from the sickies!
Baby KP is growing really fast Jim!! They must be feeding her well!! She is so cute!! I know you both enjoy your time with her, spoiling her rotten no doubt!! :)
Hope Adi isn't jealous.

Too bad you had rain for the fun day, but looks like everyone had fun anyway!

Hope the finger heals well Jim.
You have received an award. Hop on over to my blog and check it out!
Jim ~ I'm just guessing that the umbrellas weren't to keep you from getting a sunburn! ~ jb///
Jim, the baby is adorable... I bet you are in heaven taking care of her...

Sorry you got hurt cutting your hand... I'm glad that you made it to the doctor for some repairs.... I don't think I would have gone to the ER for a little cut like that. It would have been worse for you to go catch the flu.
Hi Jim,
You've had a little of everything going on I see.
Were those folks drowning their blues because it rained. LOL
The soap slide looks like so much fun if I were younger.
Baby KP is a beauty - such a sweet beautiful face and yes, she is growing. My mouth dropped at how grown she's looking.
Take care of that cut. I don't blame you for staying away from the ER. It's the first place to catch something.
Missed you for RT.
Ouch...that cut could have been a lot worse. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.
Looks like everyone had a good time despite the rain. A picnic without wine is not a picnic. For winos, that is. Like me. lol
Gdat Jim.Kp is a real cutie and growing fast.
not my kinda day for a picnic but i bet you all had fun specially the wine drinker.. Ouchhhhh thats a nasty cut youhave on your finger..

By the way I still cant read small print have to read using a magnify glass. for a few more weeks hopefully after the 15th things will start to be a lot clearer
Hi Jim ~~ A bit damp for a picnic.
your granddaughter is beautiful and
growing so quickly. I hope your hand is healing well Jim.
Glad you liked the blonde jokes. Not sure about the organist, she was old and naive, so may not have been blonde. Surely you can come up with a cowboy poem - riding to school and
where the horse waited to take you home. It could work out well.
Mike, who prunes fruit trees and later picks the fruit is between
jobs so I try to give him a few
He happened to be here the very day that Daylight Savings came in
and they will stay that way until about March I think. I don't think
I could get on a chair or ladder these days, so no worries there.
Take good care my friend and try for the poem. Regards, Merle.
I see baby KP gets her good looks from her grammy (Mrs. Jim) :) :) She's a beauty for sure! Well, Texas does actually get rain once in a while ... those umbrellas look like they haven't seen rain for quite some time and are of the supersize variety .. we folks in the North West that get more rain use dinky little umbrellas for quick zips in and out of the stores. But, then again, you Texan's are all about big :) Good think you skipped the ER for sure! That superglue stuff the docs use is pretty good stuff in a pinch. I use the otc type from Sprawlmart on my kids boo-boos all the time :) What 'good things' have you been cook'in lately?

WV (this one is for Miss Terry) = snono
Hi Jim, That looks nasty, I think you did right not going to the Er though as I think a dose of flu would be worse than the cut. Bob.

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