Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's lovely weather — Six Word Saturday

but not for a sleigh ride. Dr. John has his Pigeon Falls people all psyched up for theirs.

Now for my twelve words: (I couldn't make up my mind so there are two sets)

Yesterday was nice for a walk

A good day for golf too

Now for some walk pictures. Mrs. Jim did the golfing, Adi and I were out walking after she let us off at the pro shop.

[large picture] [extra large]

I let Adi pick our route. She likes the au naturel places.

[large picture] [extra large]

We went across the road and out of the wilderness. This tree is in the newly opened section. There are still some lots for sale.

Getting here, up out of the creek, I found out I had lost my sunglasses. Backtracking didn't help to find them.

................ [large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large]

These ladies were about to shed their jackets. Mrs. Jim was playing (none of these here) and she got really warm. Adi and I did not overheat but I did loosed the snaps on my jacket.

Adi wanted to get her picture taken with the antique santa display. She did herself proud, you might want to look at her on 'extra large' picture.

[large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large] ...............

Adi likes to play in the leaves. There were better and larger piles but I liked the fall looking trees by the yellow house.

Where do you think this man was blowing those leaves and grass clippings?
My guess was the street but he said he never put leaves in the street and besides what business was it of mine. I would have been nice if I had been him and said "it sure is easier to pick those leaves up out of the street rather than from my yard or the steep driveway." Oh well.

large picture] [extra large]

Our last stop was at our house. Here are the recycled soda cans we put at the curb when we got back. The recycling fellows had already come for their pickup.

We put them out later so that some of the working fellows who recycle for profit or extra income can get our cans. It is still recycling but someone gets to sell the cans instead of us giving them to the 'company.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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oh i love that doggie and would love to go for a walk with her mr. jim but i am very busy at my blog!
love terry mr. jim you be smiling on the outside AND the inside this beautiful sunny weekend! 'nuff said!
Looks like you and Adi had a beautiful day for a walk and Mrs. Jim had a great day for golf!
Adi is so sweet!!! What a great companion (and obviously, a very intelligent one as well).

Merry Christmas, Jim (and Adi) and Happy 6WS! Enjoy the lovely weekend weather.....
Golfing in snow is really hard.
~Jim your cute...the weather looked quite savoring days spent outside..aahh, fresh air. brightest blessings~
Adi can recycle?
A dog's life. Not a care.
Walking refreshes
both body and mind—so leave
all your cares behind.

My Six Words
Adi did, indeed, do herself proud.
Adi is just sweet!
well i am not busy now mr. jim...i have finished and now i am tired and that bernie wants to go tearing around all over the place!!
ha!!!..i hope you like it mr. jim.
you are a true friend and we both love terry
Great pics and I like how you recycle pop cans. Cute dog too.
Lovely weather is a good thing this time of year and look at all the fun Adi had. Nature walks rock. Sorry you lost your sun glasses.

Have a terrific day and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Big hug. :)
Looks like you had a nice walk with Adi. Such adventures following the dog.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
Great pictures Mr. Jim!
Little Adi warms the cockels of my heart. She is such a sweet, sweet dog.
You still have leaves on your trees down there? Not fair. We have white stuff hanging from ours.
Lovely family photo's awww Letting Adi lead the way on what looks a lovely day for a walk ..

Merry Christmas Jim . Mrs Jim .Adi and all the family..

Btw sitting here with air con going it was 40C = i04f today and summer just began toral fire ban for the state tomorrow..

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