Saturday, January 30, 2010

About my operation — Six Word Saturday — Another stent

The way to a man's heart

[large picture] [extra large]

is through his stomach

[large picture]

or through his groin

[large picture] [extra large]

I suppose this wasn't a genuine operation. Merely a medical procedure. This Thursday I had a stent placed in the artery, not to my heart, but to my left kidney as it was 80% blocked. The doctor was very pleased with the result and now my arteries are full blast, wide open, full speed ahead for the streaming blood.

The stent was put in through this little wound (hole) in my right groin. It was shoved up through the artery into the aortic artery. There in a little way up, it made a left turn into the artery to the kidney. When it stopped in the right place it was deployed which meant expanding to open a path to allow the blood flow.

Since I had not eaten after midnight the day before and it was now about three in the afternoon, I was hungry. Tim, Mrs. Jim, and I stopped at the New York Pizza. This time we ate off the lunch menu and had calzone and a salad. Tim had spinach, Mrs. Jim and I shared a Stromboli calzone. Ours had pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, black olives, green bell peppers, and lots of mozzarella cheese. Each has a small dish of marina sauce for dipping.

I thought all those vegetables and the salad would be good for my circulation.

Mrs. Jim drove home as I wasn't supposed to drive until Friday. Here we were on the connecting lanes from U.S. Highway 288 into U.S. 59. The fog coming down from the low clouds was very pretty. My picture doesn't do it justice.

Also in the groin area picture you can see where they shaved me. I ended up with a Bikini shave. Having stents or angioplasty is the only time I have that shave. This is my fourth opening stent (other three are in my heart-LAD-arteries) and I also have one that goes through my Aortic Artery Aneurysm. If the cannibals boil me until my bones are soft those aluminum stents will still be crunchy.

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glad to hear ya are on the mend!

ya take care!
Sounds like everything is going well. Kind of amazing the stent can make that journey on the inside.
Soft bones and crunchy stents? Mmmmm.... delicious.

PS: You're a hoot.
~you had me a little scared when i saw GROIN...picture hadn't downloaded till i was almost finished reading! wishing you a speedy recovery...uugghh a bikini shave...YOWZA'S...hopefully this was a first for you...and a last : ) always a joy on saturdays to hear your words...many bright blessings to you~
i'm glad you're doing great!

have a great weekend!

Glad to hear the procedure went smoothly. Take it easy for a bit!

Thanks for playing 6WS.
Yeegads, Jim, thats big stuff. I hope you are feeling good and on your way to a full recovery. Take care of yourself.
Hello Smart Aleck! ;) My name is allll over my blog! Just have to look!

Wow, a picture of your groin. Um, thanks? ;) Glad you're doing ok now! Probably a bit itchy though, I bet...
I made Carolina Sweet Potato Pancakes this morning! :) Perfect with coffee and snowy mornings!! You should have the Mrs look at my cooking blog :)

Happy Six Word Saturday!!

Glad all went well with the stent. Thanks for keeping us updated too.

Now I'm hungry for a calzone. Boy that looks really good. Maybe for lunch today.

Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)
that would sure please any man or woman as far as that goes
After the first picture, I was going to say I'm ready for I'm not so sure!

Here's to a speedy recovery and a happy SWS!
Didn't want to end up in the 'bone' pile .. but really ... I'm eating my breakfast, Mr. Jim, and could do without seeing your shaved part;)

Hope you are mending ..

I think for all of those salads to equal good health is to eat them from infancy;)
Ouch! But the calzone looks good!
You know, that wasn't a very good shave job. Maybe next time you should ask for hot wax ....
Glad you are doing good !!
Happy 6WS
Well, that second photo might've been a leeetle too much information for mine eyes (agreeing with Mrs. Mac) BUT your story is very good education for anyone not paying attention to a healthy diet. ;) Barbara
Wow, you better be careful what you say... So far my cooking (wait, what cooking?) hasn't been able to woo any man, so I might come at him with a syringe and an aluminum stent!

...or maybe I should just get carry out!

Katie, from rooftop melodies
Jim! How dare you be a no-reply commenter! Here's the email I tried to send you!

Hey Jim, thanks for checking out my blog! I love it when people peek around! Well, the food wasn't burning, so that's good news. I better learn how to cook real meals, though (not just opening the package and heating it up) or I'm never going to get a man... Actually, I think I'll just find myself a man who cooks. :D

Well, the poem about the baby is true. It's my nephew and even though he only lives 45 min away, I hadn't seen him for a month. Sniff sniff... BUT my brother swung by my apartment tonight with his wife and the baby, so I did get to see him (and change his poopey diaper)! But I did get to see him, and kiss on him, and hear his adorable laugh!
I love that you place a photo of traffic right next to the description of your wide open arteries!! that's priceless Mr Jim

calzones are so good :)
my six words are.....a=ngioplasty scares me to near death
that up above was the famous one and onlyPUTZ
Hope the procedure was successful and that it will keep you well.You have a great sense of homourdespite(or because of?) it all.Keep going Jim!
I am in shock.
Jim, I'm very glad everything worked out well for you. Two week ego I thought I was going to have an angioplasty or stent in a cardiac artery but the surgeon found NO BLOCKAGES!! Yea! I'm doing fine too! :)

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