Saturday, January 09, 2010

Adi Can — Six Word Saturday — be a total mess

I have the messiest beagle dog

Would you believe this is all dried grass?

[Please click on any picture to make it bigger.]

Adi has just come in from her walk. She loves to go out on the golf course and roll around. She does a lot of sniffing out there too. The only time she got lost (ran away??) was when we first moved here. About an hour later a fellow came by in his golf cart looking for Adi's lost owners.

The picture on the left is to show you how messy she really is.

She gets that way in the front yard too. There though, I have a broom to sweep her off. Sort of like brushing.

Here she is in the breakfast room. We go back outside to the back porch(not enclosed) and I brush her off with either a brush or my hand.

This is where it all came from. We have for the first year our course didn't get seeded with winter grass. The other years the fairway has been green in the winter.

After a few frosts the grass all dies. Then the golf carts and mowers break up those little pieces like what Adi got on her.

But then what more should we expect from a hound dog?
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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Haha!! Karma (a chihuahua mix) does the same thing. She goes outside, runs around, rolls around and comes in covered in mud of all things, even on days that it inst or hasn't rained. I haven't got a clue how she does it. Crazy doggies. Good thing we love them so much huh? ;)
I wonder if that's a beagle thing. I never had a dog loved grass as much as Willie, while Walela doesn't even smoke.
Dodger hasn't had anything but snow to roll in for a while. Adi is looking pretty cute, even covered in grass.
She could roll in something worse!
If I were there I'd clip her nails for you ;)
~atleast it shows she was enjoying the outdoors to the fullist...cute little dog you have...mine are begging for a dog...brightest blessings~
Aw ... Adi's wonderful! Reminds me of a beagle who shared my life for 16 years (Charly) who was into all kinds of things himself. What a 'singer' he was! Methinks I wrote an OSI piece about him at Sacred Ruminations ... way back when. I'll bet the Camera Critter and Pet Pride crews would love this post.
Hugs and blessings,
What a cutie pie too. She knows how to have a good time.

I love your tile floor by the way. Awesome.

Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. :)
But does he make paper scraps?
A six word response from the
Messy, but oh-so-adorable!
What an adorable lil Puppy. :) Does he love to roll on the ground? My Scottie does and she is always a mess.

Happy 6WS
FINALLY someone with Name/URL enabled! How frustrating when people only have Blogger ID or OpenID enabled for comments and I can't leave a comment.

Wow, sorry Jim... kinda went on a rant there, didn't I??

Adi has a great yard to play in, whatever the colour of the green! ;)
At least the yard is brown, not white.
We all have our little idiosyncracies. My cats like to roll around too but thank goodness they do it inside.
Adi's just doing what comes naturally.
Hounds like to follow their nose. Better get the vac out. Or better yet take her to some poor groomer who needs the $.
Aww, so cute though. Messy pooch for sure!

Thanks for playing 6WS!
No new camera, just had the help of a daughter & granddaughter to see what I was doing wrong in getting my pics to post.
My dog loves to roll around in the grass too. Drives me nuts when he gets it all over and he has long hair, which is a pain to get out.

Just the natural nature of dogs I reckon! Adi is so cute!
Jim, that is what happens when the grass dies on the golf course....
she's a delight, even when messy :)

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