Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jim's Friday — Six Word Saturday — Pumping gas blues

Bad day at the gas pump

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I had three problems there today, not counting that it was Mrs. Jim's car that needed gas. Seems like it does that a lot these days. I'll tell them in order of ...

Problem # 1: At first I couldn't get the filler cap off. It turned to the stop but wasn't at all loose or ready to lift out. Pretty scary, low on gas and can't get more in. I gave the cap a hard CCW twist and it turned a half or so turn more. Viola! Loose and ready to lift out.

Problem # 2: Someone has hacked into our Kroger Rewards account. If you are that person please don't do it any more. Fessing up would be better still. Then I could tell who in particular besides the whole dirty crooked world I should be upset at.

For every $100 we spend at the grocery store we get a ten cent (10) a gallon reduction. Last week we lost 100 points, now another 100 was missing so I had to settle for the regular three cent discount.

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Problem # 3: Kroger gas was cheaper than most places ($2.49/gal minus my discount) so there were lines at every pump. I went to the shortest one with only two cars ahead of me. The first car pulled out and we pulled up. While I waited I listened to my 'book on tape CD.'

The next think I knew someone was beating on my windshield. Seems I had gone to sleep while the CD player was reading to me. The car ahead was gone and the lady at the pump next graciously woke me up.

I felt pretty stupid. The fellow on the other side of my pump said that was alright, he goes to sleep in the line at the drive-thru-window at the bank. He said he was trucker. He drives his 18-wheeler on runs to and from Houston and Dallas.

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In case you haven't worked it out for yourself yet, sleeping while driving really isn't a good idea!
Now, Quilly! I was stopped, engine off, listening to the CD player read to me.
Mrs. Jim always wakes me up if I go to sleep driving. Most times she drives then so I can finish getting my nap out.
But I was by myself yesterday so it was good to be stopped when I went to sleep. Just embarassing how and where it happened.
Well at least the truck driver goes to sleep in line and not on the fwy... Scary thought! hope you have a good weekend, enjoyed your 6WS
That's funny. I can see me doing that.
Don’t you wish your car
didn’t need that gasoline?
’Cause without your card
the price you pay’s obscene!

My Six Words
How in the world would someone hack into your Kroger account? I had someone come up to me at the pump one day and ask if she could use my reward on her car too. Because I had kids in the car and no desire for conflict I said yes. Then when she left, the teller called me over to say she voided it because she thought it was so awful that someone would do that.
~ i am sorry but i can't stop laughing...despite your mishaps and cat nap...sounds like you made out ok...hopefully the point stealer will be CAUGHT..absurd some are...sorry for your misfortunate events...wishing you brightest blessings~
Really liked ,Texaco A six word response from the
Fortress.old gas pump
I love the pic of the old gas pump.
Keep your mind on your driving and your hands on the wheel, Jim.
Bummer about the Kroger card ... kewl old gas pump! Loved your Ruby post too. I just can't quite keep myself current these days ... dunno why. You'd think retirement would give me all the time in the world, but I'm busier than ever!
Hugs and blessings,
Ummm... Glad Mrs. Jim wakes you up, but have you considered the horrors she goes through as she notices that you're asleep? hahahaha

"I hope I die peacefully, in my sleep like Grandpa did. Not screaming in terror like his passengers."
Bleh just driving to the gas pump is enough to make me cringe a bit. So sorry you had troubles today!! I hope you find (and they prosecute) whoever is hacking your points account!!

And no worries, some books on CD make me sleepy too. :) At least the car was parked and off!!
LOL And that is exactly why I don't listen to books on tape. Just remember that it could always be worse. My dad was at the gas station a few months ago and someone drove off with the nozzle in their car and totally broke the pump!!!
Hope you're rested up. U sure u weren't sniffing gas fumes;)? I let hubby fill-er-up at Costco ... once every three weeks .. I stay home a lot.
I am sorry you have the pumping gas blues! But it was a cute post.

Hope things get better for you, and that whoever took your credits will not be able to do that again. Maybe you should get a new Rewards card.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
quite a dilema my friend
I'm not the one stealing from your card if that's what you meant. I think our gas is about $2.78.
Falling asleep would be embarassing. But necessary sometimes.
Didn't that car used to visit our church every Sunday morning for quite a while?
Does it have Texas plates yet? I couldn't read them.
Funny stuff Jim! Sorry...but I really laughed that you fell asleep at the gas pumps!! I usually get Kroger gas too and use my card. I don't know how anyone could steal your points, but that's not good, and it wasn't me!

You asked about the SnuggleSafe for the cats. It is about the size of a Frisbee and it's not electric. You put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and it holds heat for about 8-10 hours! Just slide it under their blanket. They are really nice even for a person with cold feet! You can google it! At least they are NOT made in China, they are made in the UK! Hoorah for that!
Hi Jim, that first picture reminds me of Waltons mountain! It makes me really angry when some scumbag rips off innocent hard working people just because they can. If you feel bad about falling asleep where you did spare a thought for the guy I once saw on the news who fell asleep in road works on the motorway, by the time the police woke him up there were miles of traffic waiting behind him. I'm not sure why no one went to see why he wasn't moving, I guess thats the sort of world we live in. Bob.
interesting pics and writing Jim...!
That reminds me - I need gas in my car. I know it's silly because we have joint accounts but somehow I feel better if the husband puts gas in my car when prices are up. That way I can pretend it's not happening.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
a few years back, mr. jim, when gas was so expensive, people were stealing it from the car tanks.
well bernie bought a locking gas cap for the little red car which is fine, i guess but whenever i have to be the one getting the gas, i can never unlock the wretched thing and so i have to put on the helpess woman act and beg a big strong guy to unlock it for me!
woe is me!...ha! terry

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