Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Jim Bunch eats again — Six Word Saturday — Just Jim this time

My favorite grocery store is H.E.B.

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I like the H.E.B. stores (link) because of their Cooking Connections. Here they actually cook sample items of food to give away as a promotion. There is always a sale price involved or a buy one get one free give away offer.

The lady who runs this Cooking Connection in the Conroe, Texas, store is dressed in a cute red uniform. I wished you could see her but she was bending down behind the counter to pick up some more materials.

All over the store there are other food samples. My favorite is the white cheddar cheese.

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This day she was making gumbo. I like all kinds of gumbo, my friend Lynn made me some for when I came home from having my latest stent put in (pictured in this link). There was a little bit of rice in the bottom of the bowl before she dumped the gumbo in as was Lynn's.

This gumbo was seafood, you can see one of the shrimp. I had already eaten another and there were more in my bowl.

The sweet potato dish was excellent. It was a warm as was the gumbo. The lemon whipped desert was cool. It too was excellent. But the gumbo was the best.

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After I had finished eating my gumbo, sweet potato dish, and the lemon desert, the cooking lady had a surprise for me. She asked if I liked cooked cabbage.

Wow! Next to pumpkin pie cooked cabbage is my favorite vegetable. So I said yes.

She opened a warming drawer which had a skillet full of cooked cabbage. It was smothered with other goodies that I have forgotten. But you can see them in the picture. This was also an excellent dish.

Another nice thing about the H.E.B. Cooking Connections, they are in H.E.B. stores all over the Houston area, is that they have the recipes for you to take home. You don't have to buy any of their special, the recipes are free.

It was a big temptation to buy a quart of the prepared gumbo, all was needed was some seafood or chicken and sausage, and probably a little more seasoning. Or whatever a person likes in his or her gumbo.

I would recommend the H.E.B. Grocery Store anytime you can find one. While you are there check out the Cooking Connection. I am betting that you won't be dissapointed.

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We don't have H.E.B here, but I do like the stores that give samples. I don't think I know of one that give the freshly prepared samples, though. I would have loved that gumbo.
Don't know what H.E.B. is but I know gumbo. That looks good.
~mornin witch doctor oh i mean jim...thank you for the link last week, i look forward to reading some are a riot! looks as if you had one tasty feast...gumbo i have never eaten...a satisfied tummy for you and brightest blessings~
Jim, I think you might be a foodie! ;) You're in good company. HEB looks like a great place to shop, wish we had one here!
So you only get fed once every three weeks or so? I don't like cooked cabbage but I'll take some sweet potatoes.
I never heard of that store, but a store with samples is a good thing!! Looks like they give really nice samples too, more in the form of servings!
You know that the founder of your favorite store was a real Butt don't you?


Florence Butt.

She founded the store in 1905 with a $60.00 venture capital investment. The current CEO is Charles Butt. The store is named after Howard Edward Butt.
happy valentines day to dear mr. and mrs. jim...XX
H E B is one great store chain!! I love their prices, I love their food...everything about them. And it's local. LOL

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

I just KNOW your day will be filled with love and laughter.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I got really busy and didn't get a chance to visit with you!!

{{{Valentine's Hugs}}}
I've never heard of a H.E.B. store. Livin' in the sticks does that to a person;)
i cna't eat all this stuff you seem to be eating, jim
I see so much yummy in these photos... Making me hungry for lunch.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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