Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Good Friends -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --

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This Beanie Baby's name is "Bandage" with a birthday of December 3, 2004

Feel under the weather today?
I'll help chase your blues away
A smile's the best medicine, it's true
And that's my get well wish to you!

My golfing buddy, Charles W's wife, Lynn brought this for me. She brought a bucket of chicken and sausage gumbo too! Lynn and Charles have been our friends for many years, ever since we moved up to Montgomery for our retirement.

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There was more Red sausage the first day. This bowl of gumbo is my last, Mrs. Jim and I had been eating it for three very nice meals.

He who is a friend is always a friend,
and a brother is born for the time of stress.
-- Proverbs 17:17

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Hey Jim,
Glad your surgery went well and that you are on the mend.
Take care.
May bandage be the medicine you need. How nice and the gumbo looks wonderful.

Feel better soon. Big hug. :)
How sweet of your friend to serve you by making this great looking soup! Hope you are tip top soon!
When one isn't feeling well, three of the most comforting things are a Teddy Bear, a bowl of hot soup, and a good friend. How lucky you were to get all three at once!
That gumbo looks outstanding, a treat anytime of the year. Not being from or living in the South, I a gumbo more like a soup, a stew or a combination of the two? It is mouth watering for sure!
That looks so yummy specially in this cold weather. ^_^

My red shoes
bandage is a little cute bear indeed mr. jim and i am sure he is your friend!
i am glad that everything went good with your surgery and here you are eating like a king again!
did you slip a few pieces of sausages to my niece, adi, who is my most favourite doggie in the whole wide world!
god bless you mr. jim!!!..love terry
You make me hungry Jim lol. Have a lovely week!

Road Trip
That gumbo looks good Jim, and it's mighty nice to have kind friends like that.
hope you will be fine soon! that gumbo looks really yummy!

u may view mine here
Jim, I didn't know you weren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon! That Beanie Baby should do the trick! :)
do yopu desire to give me another angiopasty with that sauge soup?????
hey how did i get my handle back????i sawr you over at sissys's place
Very nice friends. I am sure they are speeding your recovery.

Poor Tuesday
Hope you are feeling better, Jim... That gumbo looks wonderful...yummmm
Seeing that Beanie Baby teddy bear made me sad. He's so cute. I stopped collecting the bears back in June of 2005 when I was torn away from my job. I have loads of the bears, all stashed in totes in their own plastic bags with plastic on their tags. Now what do I do with all of them?
That soup looks good BTW.
I came over to cheer you up! You sure do enjoy posting about food. BTW ... a followup to your comment over at Dr. B's blog ... I think that new grandbaby has her grandpa's eyes .. she's a real cutie! Daughter looks like her mother. Are you behaving? I know when you're not feeling well you can be a little grouchy to the Mrs. Hang in there ..
Hi Jim,
The gumbo looks great. That's a nice friend to make that soup for you.
I hope you are on the road to recovery. I didn't realize you had had surgery. Glad you can blog!

Take care ~

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