Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Week — Six Word Saturday — Family

I've had blogging blahs this week
This is my first posting since last Saturday.

The answer to last weeks quiz was correctly answered by Jenn of "You know... that Blog?" (link):
"It's an i-fish - my daughter has one. It's an interactive speaker for an iPod :D They have a bunch of different ones, and you can link them all up and watch them move and light up to the music."

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This cloud was leading my way last Saturday. Had I stayed home doing my blogging thing I would have missed a not nice cold and hard rain.

Things are a little better now that I've found some help as Jack-in-the-Box has their fish sandwiches for $1.50.

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Dino held a two hour benefit concert on Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church, Rosenburg, Texas. All proceeds went to help four children. Their father had killed their mother and grandmother but was found thanks to the TV program, "America's Most Wanted."

Monday was not quite so good as I found out my kidneys are getting old. I am hoping that I will outlast them.

Tuesday was another up day, I played golf with the guys.

Wednesday was okay too, we had Southern fried catfish for supper at church.

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Thursday was son Tim's birthday, we had supper out at a nice Mexican restaurant. From left to right: granddaughter Jenna, Tim, James (friend of Megan), granddaughter Megan, myself, and Mrs. Jim.

Friday night granddaughter KP (link) began spending the weekend with us. Her mom and dad were attending Sweet Sixteen basketball games being held in Houston.

She couldn't come eat with her cousins on Thursday night.

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And our new Big Lots store is now open for business. Horray!

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