Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Week — Six Word Saturday — Family

I've had blogging blahs this week
This is my first posting since last Saturday.

The answer to last weeks quiz was correctly answered by Jenn of "You know... that Blog?" (link):
"It's an i-fish - my daughter has one. It's an interactive speaker for an iPod :D They have a bunch of different ones, and you can link them all up and watch them move and light up to the music."

[large picture] [extra large]

This cloud was leading my way last Saturday. Had I stayed home doing my blogging thing I would have missed a not nice cold and hard rain.

Things are a little better now that I've found some help as Jack-in-the-Box has their fish sandwiches for $1.50.

[large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large]

Dino held a two hour benefit concert on Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church, Rosenburg, Texas. All proceeds went to help four children. Their father had killed their mother and grandmother but was found thanks to the TV program, "America's Most Wanted."

Monday was not quite so good as I found out my kidneys are getting old. I am hoping that I will outlast them.

Tuesday was another up day, I played golf with the guys.

Wednesday was okay too, we had Southern fried catfish for supper at church.

[click any picture for large size]

Thursday was son Tim's birthday, we had supper out at a nice Mexican restaurant. From left to right: granddaughter Jenna, Tim, James (friend of Megan), granddaughter Megan, myself, and Mrs. Jim.

Friday night granddaughter KP (link) began spending the weekend with us. Her mom and dad were attending Sweet Sixteen basketball games being held in Houston.

She couldn't come eat with her cousins on Thursday night.

[large picture] [extra large]

And our new Big Lots store is now open for business. Horray!

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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Wow, so that was like one of those singing mounted bass except it can sing something besides Elvis if, for whatever reason, you wanted it to?
Hi Jim ~~ You managed to put quite a lot in this post, photos and all.
Thanks for your comments on my storm pics and I see you noticed the meerkats. I like them. Glad you liked the blonde jokes too. Thanks for the welcome back. Peter had to have his bit of fun saying dementia.
Glad you liked the Zen teachings.
I like your attitude to losing $20 thinking someone really needed it.
That is how I feel too.
Take,care my friend, Regards, Merle
I have to this past wk. Great six words. I love the pics and I love Big Lots !!
Happy 6WS
You had a busy week, Jim. Thanks for sharing it with us. Even if you had blogging blahs, nothing else was blah for you. Take care of your kidneys (however one does that).
as always KP makes me smile

your highway photo is beautiful
I love following a good sky ;)
What a week you had, Jim!
America's Most Wanted is awesome!

Happy Saturday! Have a truly blessed weekend! Mine is here hugs shakira
Blogging Blahs??? I hope it's not contagious! (:>)

Happy Saturday!

Linda @ truthful Tidbits
I've always wanted a singing fish. Not.

I wondered where you'd taken yourself off to. My comment section is awfully peaceful these days.

Do try to stay out of the rain, and be kind to your kidneys.
Hey Jim,
I think we all get blogging blahs once in awhile.
What lovely family pics and a Happy Belated Birthday to Tim!
Little KP is growing so much and she is such a sweet looking little one.

Thanks for the congrats on WVU winning. It's pretty cool! I was on pins and needles the last ten minutes or so. :)
I guess I zeroed in on your kidney statement. So sorry to hear of that. I hope all goes well for you.
Good pics of the good looking family.
The sweet 16 games and the ones since have mostly been great.
I enjoy these "catch up" posts. You lead a busy,fulfilling, and interesting life. Except, I'm worried about you and your kidneys. I hope you're feeling ok, dear friend?
Ahhhhhh.. Big Lots.. One of my favorite stores... I shop there often, just got a shopping discount card from them..

Sounds like you have had a busy week, the baby sure is growing.
Blogging Blahs is a great term.

You have a beautiful family.
A lot of action in those clouds ... is that a tornado? I don't know ... but you take care of yourself ... stop eating at Jack In The Box ... and get back to your own kitchen;) (sorry .. I've been known to be bossy;) That little KP is too cute. What fun to spend the night at grandpa's home.
I can relate ... publishing once or twice a week on each of my blogs is becoming the norm for me and even this minimal posting takes what little blogging time I have ... so I've not done much VISITING in the virtual world at all lately. My sister will be hitting the road with her husband on the 15th so perhaps I'll have more discretionary time then. In any case, I've enjoyed catching up here in my reader ... your little granddaughter is absolutely adorable! Hope you had a wonderful Easter ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Hi Jim, KP is so super cute!!!
Just wanted to say hello again - I think I will be blogging more from now on... this annoying alert site is gone, yay!

Hope you had a blessed easter weekend! Take care... Tina

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