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Golf, rides, ranches, and work — Ruby (Red) Tuesday — My Week Meme

This blog post will be of my activities since last Tuesday. Just a lot of the pictures will have red in them, I did my best. A few don't. I did do a MidWeek blues about doing my income tax. The tax got done on April 15th.

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On April 13th, Tuesday, a group of men from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class has been golfing. I started golfing with them a couple of months ago. This week we played the Cape Royale at Cold Spring, Texas. The course borders on Lake Livingston and is very pretty. The hills are not real steep.

While I was playing with the men, Mrs. Jim played our course with the ladies here. She regularly plays on Tuesdays with the ladies from here and also plays Fridays with three other close 'buddies.'

On Wednesday my brother-in-law, Jim W, from Iowa and a good friend, Everett, played golf at the Pasadena Municipal Golf Course. My sister (Lois) rode along with her husband.

I rode with my friend, Everett. We have been friends since 1976, I was also a very good friend of his father. Everett is 93 years old and his father was 99 when he died. Everett beat me by five points, he shot a 98 while I had a 103.

You see in the above picture Lois retrieving on of our balls that had gone into the roadside ditch. Click on the picture to make it larger, then click again to make it really big so you can see her better climbing up out of the ditch. I believe Lois found almost two dozen balls that day, only a couple belonged to us.

On Friday, Mrs. Jim played golf with some ladies here. Most Fridays when she does that Adi and I ride up to the club house with her and walk home. Adi really enjoys her walks.

Last week the flowers were perking up after the cool wintry weather. You can tell that Adi likes yellow flowers about as well as red.

There were others out walking and running too. On the sidewalk/golf cart side way below you can see a lady running with her dog. There were only slightly more people than dogs out Friday.

On Thursday Adi had a Vet appointment in the afternoon to get her ear checked out. I had an infection and we had been putting medicine in it for over a week.

Did I mention before that last Saturday we passed our Delta Society certification good for another two years. We will be able to continue visiting the nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, etc. as a pet therapy team. This may be our last time to test, both of us are getting pretty old. Adi is 13 in dog years. She loves to visit the residents with me at Hearthstone, our local assisted living home.

Later on Friday afternoon I went into town (Conroe) for gas and some groceries. The H.E.B. grocery store is one of my favorite, the prices are good there. Adi and Katrin needed dog food.

I like to stop at the cooking connection for samples. Friday's are the best days to go. The fellow pictured was cooking shrimp and marinated steak. Both were excellent.

Another lady was making fajita and they were great too. Those two stations had wine 'tasting' and there was another lady passing out a couple of local beer sample glasses.

On the way home the road was petty full, especially the right hand lane which should average about 75 mph. It is supposed to be the fast lane but we weren't even going the speed limit of 65 here.

On Saturday we were having Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class picnic at the ranch of members Don and Charlotte. It was 450+ acres, which is small for a Texas ranch. But for East Texas that is fairly large. Don's major problem there is wild hogs. The come in and root around for worms, etc, which does a job on the grass, tearing it out and digging holes in the soil.

For lunch we had BBQ beef brisket and sausage links, both beef and deer. I like both. The members brought the food to go with the meat, like potato dishes, salads, and deserts. There was food left over but Baptists are noted for their heavy eating at church functions, this was not an exception.

After lunch groups of us rode into the woods for sight seeing.

We were in three mover utility trucks, two red and one green, and then these ladies were on the four wheeler. The hog damage was quite evident. Please enjoy the pictures.


This is the kid with the fishing pole (did you see the red reel it had?). He is photogenic like Adi. Saying they both like to 'pose' but nothing about how their pictures turn out. I think both are popular with viewers and readers(here) .

The ride home was uneventful. Mrs. Jim drove more than half the way home. Going up I was alone because she went after Golfing on Friday. The ladies played bridge most of the night I hear.

These are a few of the Texas Wildflowers. This is a scrawny bunch I took right after changing drivers. Right after that I slept until we turned off the Interstate 45 at Willis, Texas, onto our road. Home was just six miles down.

Sunday was a go to church-rest up-work on my poem blog (link) day.

Today, Monday, as I write this, I am putting away my records for income tax and other junk so that year 2009 can hide away.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am playing golf again. This time it will be at the Texas National Golf Course here in Willis. If it is cart path only I won't go because my foot wouldn't take all the walking in golf shoes.

I might golf anyway and wear my tennies. My feet like them better anyway. I wore tennies on Wednesday as they would not honor my handicap flag.

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