Friday, April 08, 2011

Decorah Eagles (live video)

March 26, 2012, update:
The 2012 eggs are about to start hatching
Video below will be current for 2012
The eagles have left their nest
this is an earlier post -- the camera is still current
(June 21, 2011 update)
check out their activities from the links below

Video clips at Ustream

Click on the little 'go arrow' at the lower left here. Then wait for a 30 second commercial to finish.

Don't click the big arrow in the middle as it will 'carry you away.' Click on this link if you want to be carried away: Decorah Eagles .

You should be seeing a webcam image of an eagle's nest and surrounding activity. If you have trouble with this then try the Decorah Eagles site itself. I think it goes blank/dark for Iowa night around nine CDST.

This nest is four years old and the same eagle couple inhabits it every year. The Eagle nest is located at Decorah, Iowa (link 1 -- for last years pictures) (Link 2 for info on the nesting and on the new camera system used this year). Last year I posted a little ditty, poem, blog on the lifespan of these birds. It had three pictures, of eggs, chicks, and birds ready to fly (Link). All three eggs hatched.

Update: Two of the eggs hatched over the weekend. The third is expected today or tomorrow.

I guess really it doesn't count until it is hatched.



That is way cool Jim. Rearrange yourself, the eggs and the nest. Lots of work involved.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I got to watch the eagle fall asleep. It's little head nodded a few times just like Amoeba's does, and then it went to sleep.
I'm kind of enjoying the ad.
With the new camera equipment, RaptorSource also installed lights, so the nest is viewable 24/7. Maybe the 1st laid egg will hatch today!
Cute, Quilly! Why is it that the guys mostly all go to sleep first? I would love to watch Mrs. Jim go to sleep but I'm snoring away when she does.

I mostly leave it on all the time. Partly to catch it if it quits like it did yesterday. I do think they shut if off last night. The site was all plain gray from nine and until at least when I went to bed at 12:30.

The Mama looked annoyed with those lights. She didn't like the tractor this morning either.

Yes, 'they' said the first hatching may be today. One a day if the egges were laid each day? Or does the time start when the parents start keeping the eggs warm?

I don't like the ads but they only come once when you first get it started.

OH YES, Final Four (basketball) is in Houston this weekend.
So is the Houston Open. We might go to that Sunday afternoon. Last year we went on Saturday but we are too busy to go tomorrow.
Hi Jim ~~ Interesting watching the eagles and the hatching to come.
Sounds like Mr Virgin was a good guy renovating the girl's school. I thought at first they couldn't name it after a man, but maybe it was the name, Virgin. I liked the entry into Heaven joke and as Granny Annie suggests, maybe we should all learn to spell Czechoslovakia. I have no sense of smell anymore for flowers, perfume or burning food. So I will still have to watch what I am doing.
Take care my friend, Regards, Merle
The Linky tool is fixed - sorry for the issues there. Your link is showing now.

WIll stop back to see the video...have to run now. But I wanted to let you know it is fixed.
How cool that they reuse the same nest. And we thought we came up with the recycling idea!

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