Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Recap — Six Word Saturday — How is yours?

My Six Words:
What is on your bucket list?
Travel was big on my bucket list when I retired. My three places to go were Alaska, the Panama Canal, and China. After those if there was still footing on the bucket it would be a Russia river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

We made all of those places, below are a few pictures from out Russia trip. My blogging was rather sparse, but click here for more.
Since then and a bit before, we've done eight cruises and have been to most all of the countries in Europe, all 50 of the U.S. States and most provinces in Canada, Central America, the Holy Land, Jordan, Egypt and other places that would bore you.
I've been in the Army (five years), worked in aerospace (spy Satellite tracking and NASA), taught in college (business professor), taught Sunday school more than half of my useful life.

I've programmed computers, built hot rod engines, raced cars, had a motorcycle, have driven over 150 miles and hour, had and helped raise five kids, am a great grandfather, and have made it to Medicare and Security.

We've retired to a golf course lakeside almost resort community now. There isn't much more for me to do or places to go and not much of anything else that I would put on my bucket list.

ary Islands while we are there..
One thing here, I do plan to keep busy as long as I can. We are scheduled to visit our family in London very soon and plan to take a Princess tour to the Canary Islands while we are there.

- - - -
My Daughter, Susie, prefers to have pictures on my blogs. So here are some pictures from our Russia visit (you may have seen them before):

Day Three found us at the Kremlin for a nice tour. This is the Kremlin Wall.

After the Kremlin visit, we cast off. There were ceremonies that had to be performed because it was the crew's last voyage of the season. The dining room wait staff pulled toss the balloon duty.
Day Four included a tour of the city of Uglich.

Day Five was a stop at Yaroslavl. Of course we toured this Church of Elijah the Prophet. Afterwards we made an Internet stop for e-mail and a comment on Billy's blog [here].

Day Six meant we got to visit a monastery in Goritzy. There were all of two monks staying at this 23-acre haven. Goritzy is a quaint little town, larger than it seemed with a population of about 9,000.

Day Seven was like a little bit of heaven. Here at Kizhi, an island four miles long and protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, we were to visit this wooden Church of the Transfiguration you can see from our landing dock.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

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Jim, you describe a beautiful life and one that inspires me to live well and with heart.
That's wonderful. :) I loveee the pictures! :)
Sounds like a life well lived. My list is endless- don't get me started! Happy Easter and enjoy your trip to the Europe.
You've done very well with your bucket list. I'm happy that you've done so very much.

I don't have a bucket list. Boating is what we want to do and that's what we are doing. We were crazy about cruising on the big ships until we did our Hawaii trip and we no longer will cruise the big ships. You get to treat us badly one time. You don't get a second chance.

Have a terrific day. :)
Funnily enough, hubby and I were just talking about bucket lists last weekend. He wrote one years ago and has already ticked a few things off, but I have yet to commit mine to paper. I definitely involves lots of travel.
What wonderful adventures and experiences! What I liked best about this post is that you are happy with your life as you've lived it, and content with what you've done. It would be wonderful if everyone could have that sense of presence, to realize how blessed they are and that life, for the most part, is indeed good! May you continue to live well see beauty all around you!
I'm with you - not much left on mine either. I'm thankful for my full, long life!
Now that's what I call living! We still drag ourselves to work believing we don't have enough money to retire! Sigh. Happy Easter to you and yours dear friend.
Sounds like you had a full life, great grandfather! I have a bucket list or, list too that I made last year. I stopped making it recently because I kept on adding things to it and it became a hassle. I just try to experience what I can when I can and try to enjoy life while I can. : )
I like your pictures of Russia. Actually, I like all your pictures.
And I like picures on your blog because show us places we'd never even dreamed of going.
Hi Jim~~ I enjoyed seeing all your photos and specially the last one - you and Mrs. Jim both look so well and happy. I am content with my life too ~ the good and the bad. That's life, but on the whole it has been great. Glad you liked the jokes and glad we both have "just" the backache. I hope your knee is OK Jim, see a doctor if you are worried.
My sore ear felt worse after your Army ear story.
Glad you survived. I think you are OK, not too sure about me. Take great care, Cheers, Merle.
The photos that were taken in Russia are so beautiful :)

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