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My Alphabe-Thursday -- "E" -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions

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"E" is for Eggs in Cartons, Egg Sandwiches, and Elephant Ears.
Eggs in Cartons, the above picture, show how nutty the grocery pricing is.  The upper carton of a dozen we got first at our local Kroger Grocery store the week before last.  Then last week the one and a half dozen were priced at $1.00 for the 18 eggs.  Someone miscalculated here or else last week the eggs were loss leaders for the week.
The Eggs in Carton  picture is also fitting for my Thursday Things in a Row post.
Egg Sandwiches in progress is what you see above and the first picture below to the left.  Most of the ingredients are shown on the left above.  We see an onion, whole wheat sliced bread, two eggs, Romaine lettuce heart, picante sauce, mayo, and ketchup.  Not show but you see it above is some cooked packaged Canadian bacon.
Finely chop some onion and put it in a tad of water in a Pammed (sprayed with Pam) 4 X 6 inch baking dish.  Microwave on high for a minute or two or three until the onions are soft.  I might have added some green or other color peppers in for flavor but I didn't have any.
Use one egg for a single sandwich or two for two sandwiches.  I made me one and also a half sandwich for Mrs. Jim so I used two eggs. 
Separate the yolk from one egg and place the white and the other egg  in a measuring cup.  Put a teaspoon or two picante sauce and the softened onion pieces and any remaining water in with the eggs.  Beat with a fork or whisp until slightly frothy.
Make sure your baking dish is coated with Pam.  This prevents sticking and will make dish washing much easier.
Place the egg mixture in the baking dish.  Cover with a paper towel and bake on HIGH for two minutes.  The eggs will puff up over the baking dish but the bottoms won't be cooked then so continue cooking for the full two minutes.  When done they will look like the picture on the left, below.
Place the sliced cheese, I use American no fat, on the warmed cooked egg.  Put the egg on your bread which you should have toasted while the micro wave was running.  One side for mine has mayo and the top side has ketchup.  This is your preference, Mrs. Jim will have hers open faced and will put mayo on her bread.
Don't put the lettuce on until you have melted the cheese.  Put the sandwich open faced back in the oven and heat until the cheese slightly melts.  This will be around 20 seconds and will help rewarm the eggs and bacon which I ha also microwaved for twenty or so seconds until it looked slightly recooked.
Remove from the microwave and cover with the top slice of toast.  Notice that I had precut sliced the bottom part to making cutting in half easier when you finish.
I served this with watermelon and cottage cheese and Diet coke.  Coffee would go good for breakfast but this was made for lunch.  Mrs. Jim would finish assembling her sandwich after she came home from playing golf.
My Elephant Ear plants were making out fine this year. They come up wild in our left side back yard bed. They don't even start to come up until after the azaleas there have finished blooming.
I am not sure they are Elephant Ears as Mrs. Jim says the tops will bloom after the little ones at the bottom are finished. I slightly remember a bright red blooming affair coming from these large leaves.

They are growing in a row.  It started with just one plant from a funeral.  But now?  It may take over the world.  First though, it must do service as a Things in a Row picture post.
I think the little tree at the left is an Elephant Ear plant. It is in a neighbor's yard but Adi wanted to rest from her walk on this warm Texas morning.
"Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" exclaimed Baby bear.

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For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'

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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week 's post was about eating with friends and public transportation. The responses were very interesting.

My Two Questions for this week:

1. How much cooking does the man in your family do. Do problems arise?
I like to cook.  Mostly what I make is pretty simple like sandwiches.  But they always are just a little bit off from the normal.  I have been known for my excellent chili and also making pizza from scratch, even the crusts.
Problems, if any might arise from washing my dishes.  I pick up really good, mostly things are back where they belong before we eat.
2.  What kind of plants do you have that you don't know what they are?  Does it bother much that you don't know? .
(As you read in my post, it really doesn't matter very much to me that I don't know.)

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Alrighty then - you made sucha nice lunch while your wife went out golfing - she has don't something right. Lunch looked great. E for excellence. sandie
Mrs. Jim makes me nice lunches while I am out golfing also. Sometimes we don't share tastes but she professes to like mine so that there will be more.

I have a theory about men liking to BBQ. I do not like to BBQ and I don't.

But some men like the praise they get from their food being sooo good. I say that this is woman's way of getting the man to cook.
That looks like a great lunch- egg sandwich.
My guy cooks on the weekend if we re home. No BBQ as we don't have a pit and live in an apartment. He is good with chinese cusine.
To be able to cook is always a challenge. I might just give a tryout for your egg sandwich. Greens in the backyard can occupy our time. A friend spends close to 2 hrs everyday potting around to 'sweat it out' he said. Wonderful write Jim.

P/S A prose is always a welcomed change from the usual verses

I love your posts Jim. They are always so interesting and informative!
Jim, I think it is wonderful that you like to cook. Have you ever taken your wife somewhere and she got something to eat that she found she did not like. She left it there, didn't she? I am sure she likes your food. It looks yummy. My husband does not know his way around the kitchen except to make a bowl of cereal.
I do most of the cooking and Marilyn does most of the clean up. We reverse roles sometimes.
I know the common name of a lot of weeds (thats my job) but I don't get into the domestic plants.
I'm not a big fan of egg sandwiches, per say, but those looked pretty darn good!

My husband does all the grilling, and makes great breakfasts; other than that I'm the main cook.

That photo with your dog is hysterical. That is one honking leaf!
It's morning here and I'm on my first cup of coffee. I also want that sandwich. Looks mighty good.

1. I cook twice a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hubby does all the cooking and I do all the cleaning up after. He cooks better than I do and he loves to cook. Works for us beautifully.

2. We have lots of plants that I've not an idea what they are. I don't care as I'm not a yard type of person. I do nothing in the upkeep of our yard/planters.

Have a terrific day. :)
Occasionally, I love to make egg sandwiches, too. An egg is a wonderful food - excellent protein source! Good 'E' post!!

My DH doesn't do much cooking. It's not that he can't, but more so he doesn't have time. I love to cook and he loves to eat what I cook, so it works out well.

I'm certain there are plants in my yard or in nature I do not know what they are, but I stopped worrying about not knowing what everything is a long time ago.
Lucky Mrs. Jim to have a cook! In my house, I'm the cook. Mr. Me just eats! heehee. But in my daughter's house, Mr. Her is the head chef.

As for plants, about 98% of what grows in our yard (wild mountainside) is unnamed (because I don't know its names). :)
I love eggs, but they don't like me so much anymore, sadly.

Rod can make a sandwich, and open a can of soup, but the only thing he cooks is popcorn!

I used to have elephant ears when I lived in Atlanta. I know exactly what plants are in my yard!!
Had elephant ears in my previous yard. Once they're big, it's hard to keep up with them though:)
Ooh I love eggs.

1. My husband doesn't cook. Sad. He has no idea how romantic it would/could be.

2. I do have a few plants that I have no idea what they are for, but I hope they aren't poisonous :)

Happy Thursday to you.
I love egg and ham sandwiches. I am the chef, and the only one in the house that cooks. one of my dreams would still be to have a nice gourmet, cooked meal- my favorite dishes once by him.
I think you are right. The last plant is an elephant ear and the ones before I think are Cannas. They will have a organish red bloom.

Nice rows...I remember our summer lunch when I was young was tomato/egg sandwich. When we were all working outside it made the perfect easy lunch and we always had the makings.

Thanks for looking at my Rows. I had the staple those calves to one spot...kidding. You should have seen the misses.
Hi Jim ~~ Sorry I have got behind in my replies. Time just gets away on me when I cook or wash etc. Sorry Mrs Jim didn't like "to love, honor and obey" It probably is out of the service by now. Glad you are having some warm weather - it is cold wet and dreary here this week but it is winter.
I seem to be getting on better with Blogger now and
so that is good. I sure do remember bringing presents to my kids. Not just for birthdays or Christmas.
Good on you still having the Betty Crocker cookbook.
I hope you got on well with your orphopedic surgeon.
You have to stop getting the medical ppl swearing at you. Take good care, my friend, Cheers, Merle.
Hi Jim.
Your plants are Canna Lilies.
Very nice grouping of them too.

I really enjoy a nice egg sandwich. Yours looks good.

Now for your questions:

1. My daughter and I do most of the cooking and when My husband cooks, he cooks on the grill. No problems arise, until he cooks hot dogs. He likes them crispy.

2. As for the plants, you may have guessed by my blog already, that I know every plant in my yard, including the weeds ;)
fun choices for things in a row!
The elephant ears look great! I've never grown them. Perhaps I will someday, for they're such fun plants.
The man in this family thinks cook is a 4-letter word. Kidding aside, he does do a bit of it here and there.
I do have plants whose names I don't know. Would I like to know? sure. Does it bother me not knowing? no.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the pricing at stores these days. Your elephant ears and other plants are great looking! And, of course, being the dog person I am, I think your great pup steals the whole show!
That's one decent-looking sandwich!
I'm afraid I don't cook, but give me a pen and paper and I can cook up some magical poetry (smile). As a romantic, I love to be surrounded by flowers, but half the time I have no idea what they're called...doesn't matter to me...they're all beautiful. Thanks for sharing & visiting. See you for letter "F"!

Emotions Of Poetry
Holy moly! You cook, too?

Yeah, but the big question you clean up?

My husband likes to cook, but man...the kitchen doesn't like him when he's done!

This sounds really delicious, Jim. I grew up on egg sandwiches...although it was usually on my Grandmothers homemade white bread with some thick, farm-cured bacon.


Thanks for sharing this excellent and entertaining link with us!


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