Saturday, October 20, 2012

— Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:

[We're visiting in London for a bit]
It's Time for "Youngest Granddaughter Update"
KP in her Fall pre-kindergarten school uniform
She is three plus now, time flies

Waving goodbye to Mimi who is upstairs waving out the window
Uniform for this day is PE Dress

KP was so happy to see her Mimi Wednesday
(our plane arrived in the morning while she was in school)
We met them at her school and
she skipped all the way home

This is a bird's nest that KP made in school this week for the letter "N" (nest)
It is sitting in a predominate location waiting for the little birdies to hatch out
Please don't worry about the eggs hatching.  We aren't.

The ingredients for her creation:

Molten chocolate
Six candy chocolate candy coated bird eggs
Ample amount of corn flakes cereal
One small aluminum baking pan

Comment returns may be a bit late, we are visiting Portobello Road today. 
Doing Markets and Eating.  Promise I'll do my best.
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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words for Six Word Saturday. Click the box at right to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate is the boss at Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

— My Alphabe-Thursday, Velocipede and Vehicles — "V" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

"V" is for Velocipede and for Vehicle
in respect for Alphebe- Thursday

This Vehicle is a nice Chevy truck that Karen (a neighbor) takes us to the airport in.  It is holiday decorated for Halloween.  Lots of ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and cobwebs inside too.  We left Tuesday for London, U.K.

In this picture you cannot see the velocipede as it is under some of my garage 'stuff.' I think it is next to the two old green Raleigh bicycles (also velocipedes) but I couldn't see it and I don't think you can either.

The major vehicle in this picture is my black 1950 Ford Tudor Deluxe Custom. This car has 102 K miles on it but back with the 50's models anything over 100 thousand is gravy.

Dad always retired his cars when they hit 100 K. Then when Lois (my sister [link]) or I needed a car Dad would give us his old one. I was first with his 1951 Ford Deluxe Tudor.

This was during my Army days and I had worn out my 1950 Jimmy Dean Mercury Tudor. That old Mercury had served me well. One time in the middle of the night coming through New Mexico back home to El Paso the generator bracket broke.

This was a time when our twins, then babies, Mike and Mitch, were with us (of course). We would coast down hills and drive up using the engine power. We were taking U.S. Highway 54 and some of those hills were little mountains. Since the water pumps and the cooling fan were inoperative I knew that we could not make it back to El Paso.

I have looked and looked on the maps and can not figure out for sure which town we stopped at. The train station master (??) let us come inside by his fire to keep warm that night. The next morning was Saturday and the repair facility was closed. Even if he was open there would not have been a new bracket in town for us. But a kindly welder welded the bracket back together again for us with no charge.

People are generally nice to soldiers, because they are terribly underpaid and most all of the enlisted men are very poor. We were so poor that on a Private First Class pay having two kids we PAID NO INCOME TAX. Governor Romney would have written us off as not voting for him for sure, being one of the '47 per centers'.

At any rate my '50 Ford will be a fine ride for our Montgomery Country Early Ford V8 Club rides when, if ever, I get it back on the road. Mostly now it needs tires but also a few other fixes would make it better.

The velocipede? It is a nice pretty one, all pink with white seats, handlebars, and wheels. It was our Karen's when she was small.

Well, we will dig it out for KP (her latest pictures) to ride. She might be big enough to ride it this December when she comes from London for her Christmas visit to Mimi and Papa.  BTW, do you think my garage is messy?

Oh yes, a velocipede here, on this post, is another name for a tricycle.  Actually according to Wikipedia the word velocipede means any human powered vehicle with one or more wheels.
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

I really enjoyed your responses to my Umbrellas and Fruit Trees post last week. Thank you for coming by.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. How does your vehicle or velocipede life go? Are there any stories you'd like to tell about your vehicle or velocipede experiences?

2. What can you tell us about being messy? In yourself or other family members?
Bonus Question: What is your favorite "V" word?
- - - - - -
I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'V' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.  The stuff in the garage, some of it, is placed in neat little rows.  Also Karen's truck decorations are in a free handed row.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two Shoes Tuesday # 7 -- "Hope" / MidWeek Blues


There is Hope

Bad things list:
car problems
roof leak
worn and torn clothing
achy back
ingrown toenail
need groceries
behind in church pledge (and the rent)

- - - - - -

Josie said: "Get ready for the next round of Two Shoes Tuesday... a place to share what we enjoy doing most... writing! Each week I'll provide a one-word writing prompt and ask you to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic."

The writing prompt for Tuesday, October 16th, is "Hope"
There is Hope
The elderly couple rocked on their front porch, lamenting the problems they were having with their car.  "If only the repairs weren't so high," said Sidney, "you'd think those guys that run the garage would have a heart."
"Well, Sid, did you ask for a senior discount?" his wife Louise asked.
"Yes, I did, and those lousy bums, they acted like the little bit they will allow would come from their own pocket."  Sid had a propensity for seeing the dark side of things.
"One thing going for us, we always have Hope."  Louise liked to keep cheery.
"That is one dang good thing, Louie, having Hope."
"It looks like it is going to rain, we'd better move our rockers in a bit," warned Sidney.
"Yes, let's do that, Sid.  Would you help me move mine, please?"
"Sure thing, Louie," he replied, "and would you help me with the buckets if it does rain?"
"Oh you silly old man, you know I will."
"Good, let us bring them in, for sure it is going to rain."
"Oh Sid, aren't you glad that we have Hope?" Louise piped up.
"I am.  And while we are being thankful, we need having Hope with all the trouble we've been having with the fuses blowing at supper time."
"And for the help when my achy back gets me down." Louise was adding to the list.
"While we are thinking of Hope, thank the Goodness we can bear to wear these torn clothes until the time comes."
"Hold on, I hear the phone ringing."  Louise always did have good ears.
"Well, who is it Ma?" hollered Sidney.
"Sid, Sid!  It is Hope.  Our little girl is coming for Thanksgiving."
_ _ _ _ _ _
If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write..
Rest in Peace,
dear Adi

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Danny's Disco Dine, by the promenade, was set to make a fortune, $$$'s crisp and cool.

But, he was opposite the also new all-night Fruit Lounge and Danny closed at five.


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140 Characters counted and spell
checked by MicroSoft Word.

µ-fiction Story Copyright
© 2012 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

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°°Grandma of Succinctly Yours Week 82 gives these directions: 
°°Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words or less.
°°Grandma furnished this week’s fun photo.
°°Word of the Week, 'crisp',was furnished by Grandma. 

Rest in Peace, dear Adi


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