Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
We are home!
Mustang is not.

The '98 Mustang GT has forgotten how to shift into third (high) gear. So I had to take it back to the shop for a recall. In April the Mustang had received a new transmission. This latest problem happened with less than 700 miles on the new transmission.
Mother, my Mom, didn't want to drive a car with an automatic transmission because she never knew what gear it was in. That is why her own 1974 Mustang II Ghia had a stick shift. That way she always knew what gear it was in.

I have her car now, after she died. It has 68K miles on it and is in perfect order. Mom always kept it in the garage and never drove it in the snow. That means it has no rust. Oh yes, I was the also its first owner after the Ford Company.

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I thought now I would show you a few typical things we did in London that we can't do from here now that we are home.

We rode a bus to church in downtown London (no buses here).
Karen made her healthy supper cooking the salmon. We placed the veggies.
What are KP and Mrs. Jim doing in the bathroom?  KP is directing.
After the theatre practice session we are all headed to the
neighborhood little park's playground.
 Six Words Saturday:
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Succintly Yours

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My micro story:

John Kelly had three wives who lived a shoe. They had no kids and didn't know what to do.

Button, breathe, wait for x-rays. It never works.

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