Saturday, August 02, 2014

Six Word Saturday -- Prices and saving ¢¢¢

my Six Words:
Less bang for the buck again

"Food prices (are) rising, food manufacturers are making sure consumers stomach the extra  costs.

Almost all perishable foods - dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables - have seen price increases because of the drought out West, continued high oil and gas prices and diseases affecting crops or livestock.

Bureau of Labor Statistics says the price of a pound of ground beef increased 16.5 percent to $3.85 in May compared with a year earlier. In the same period, a pound of Navel oranges increased 28.1 percent to $1.34, while a pound of American cheese increased 11.1 percent to $4.51."

More here:  MSN Money's "Sneaky ways food companies make you eat price increases" (

another Six Words: 

How we cope on fixed income

1.  Eat "store brands."  Kroger has changed their packaging.  We eat both their graham crackers and their soda crackers.  We also get a 10% Senior Discount on their store brands.

2.  Be innovative.  We like grapes with peanut butter on them.  Chocolate is fine too.  Or on graham crackers.

3.  Shop sale items.  My last Kroger visit "saved" $8.86.

4.  Use Kroger gas for the cars.  This month we have 515 "Fuel Points" which will give us 50¢ per gallon discount.  When not using them we still get a 3¢ discount minimum on each purchase while saving up our points.  Side point: 515 "Fuel Points" means we have spent $515 or more for groceries, medicines, and most supplies, excluding 'fuel', at Kroger stores this month.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Succinctly Yours

Mama, wobble here, the
goats are out on the road! 

M Rn't goats, deM R sheep 

OS deM R, C der horns
L, I'll B, deM R goats.
Soon L B road kill

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