Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday ~~ No. 002 ~~ Shopping


Shopping gives me a warm feeling, mingling with people and sometimes meeting a friend or having a short chat with a couple of strangers or with a store clerk.  Talking with them is like frosting on the cake, it makes my heart warm. 
Right off I want to let you know, I am a better shopper than Mrs. Jim.  Most times.  Always I am faster, she memorizes the contents of ever shelf, row by row. Today might have been an exception for me.
How I do it.  Simple, have a plan.  1st, make a complete list of everything I want to buy or check on.  2nd, figure out the logistics, i.e. what store will I shop at, when will I go, and do I invite Mrs. Jim to help me park.  3rd, set my mind that this will be an enjoyable experience.  4th treat myself if it is before meal time or past desert time; i.e. stop on the way home for some ice cream or a McDonald's McDouble and water or a taco from Taco Bell.
Here are a couple of my experiences, with pictures.  Last Saturday evening we stopped at Buc-ee's on the way home from attending a memorial service in Orange, Texas.  Buc-ee's is a large general store type, complete with gasoline, mostly located along the Interstates in Texas.  They are LARGE.  We bought a small package of M&Ms for KP.  That was the only item on our shopping list.

Then today I went grocery shopping at our local H.E.B. grocery store.  I had a list but forgot the parsley and Mrs. Jim forgot to put cranberries on my list so I will go back right after posting this.  Like our McDonald's, which is five minutes away, the Kroger store is less than ten minutes away.

It was after I found the potting soil, outside by the front door and Christmas trees, that I abandoned my shopping list and headed straight for the ice cream.

While I was in the store it seemed that this was "Sampling Day."  No sooner did I get to the vegetable area the guacamole lady stopped me for some cranberry cider and a crisp with guacamole.  I didn't buy either.  After finishing the vegie area I was met by a nice piece of apple pie, followed by a slice of sushi,  some sweetened sweet potatoes and a small link of sausage heated and dunked in BBQ souse, a small glass of chardonnay, a cracker and cheese with cranberry/raspberry sauce, a piece of Boar's Head ham, a piece of pumpkin pie, this piece of steak, and finally a small glass of "Repeat Offender" California Pinot Noir.
Then I checked out.  I put the top down, the temp had gotten to 76, and headed home for lunch.  I had to go straight home so that the ice cream wouldn't melt very much.  After Mrs. Jim unloaded the sacks, then asked me where the parsley was. 
And still, after lunch when I was reading her text messages from KP I ran across a text where KP asked her Mimi if I would get some cranberry sauce.  But that had missed her list.  So now I will head back to the store for the parsley and will also get the cranberry sauce and some crackers.  There might be another small feast.

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