Monday, January 04, 2016

Stuff to know today ~~ this-and-that

1.  Today is "National Thank God It's Monday Day" (so engage in Social Media to celebrate, i.e, post, then read something on-line).

2.  Also I put this little ditty (a 'poem') on my other blog Saturday.  My inspiration (?) was a picture, "Orangutan in the Rain"  I chose Orangutan in the Rain photographed by Andrew Suryono for my inspiration.  His was one of the winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015.

3.  The picture of KP and Mrs. Jim was taken last year as they were just coming out of the pantry after looking for goodies to eat.  What do you think they found? (hint: KP loves chocolate)

4.  Again today, it is also "National Spaghetti Day".  Eat some.  Make some (the January 2016 issue of Southern Living has some wonderful recipes).
5.  One more, today is also "National Trivia Day."  Did you know that the word “trivia” is plural for the word “trivium”. 

 - a.  The National Day Calendar can be found by clicking here.
 - b.  For the poem, the instructions were to write a poem in exactly 55 words.  Also, "... invited [us] to look back on the past year by viewing the winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015. (Click HERE) The photos are offered as wallpaper, which may be downloaded free of charge. Please acknowledge the photographer on your site if you decide to use a picture from that source."  
 - c.  I'm linking with Sandee for her Awww Mondays post (Link).  I believe these two I caught coming out of the pantry will rate, although most are posting animals like puppies and kittens.  How about an orangutan then? Awww...

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Awww both of the photographs qualify. I said Awww.

Loved the poem.

Have a terrific Awww Monday Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim and KP. ☺
Well, I can't really claim to be thankful that it's Monday, but at least I am accepting and ready to move forward with the new year. :-) Your KP is such a sweetie and I'm so glad that the three of you have been blessed with being able to spend time together, she will remember these years always! Your poem for the poor little orangutan was so cute!
Cute photo of KP and Mrs. Jim! Cute poem and photo too! I'm thankful my work day is over this Monday! :)
An orangutan in the rain like that is a big Awww! Thanks so much for linking up to Awww Monday!
Who knew there were so many National days. I bet KP found some chocolate in the pantry, that's what I would be looking for too :)
awwwwsome! Haven't seen you for quite a while! Cheers and Happy New Year!
Posting to a meme gives me a reason to look forward to Mondays. So does having a date night with my husband. Otherwise.... hmm, I think I still prefer other days.

Oh! Chocolate is the perfect goodie to eat. It makes for a perfect mid-work break. ;-)

My husband and I had pizza this Monday, not spaghetti. Same nationality food, right?

Cute orangutan! You did well on the poem challenge.

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