Friday, April 21, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.16 -- "P" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of April 21:  (1) Starts with P; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) foot/feet

(1). Starts with "P":
"P" is for pills, the pills I take every day.  This in the end of my morning ritual of ten (10) pills between breakfast and lunch.  There are nine pills later on during the day.

Two of the morning's are prescription, one is a full strength aspirin, six are various vitamins and minerals, and three are digestive aids  My dctors and I think that all these pills are helping to keep me alive.

I need to have food with some of those so generally I have saltines and either peanut butter or cottage cheese, low fat or no fat, with my pills.
"P" is for Potato Salad. Mrs. Jim made some for us this week.

 Sometimes Mrs. Jim tries to make Mom's and has just about gotten it perfected.  As far as we know hers was never written down, she just had it perfected and kept it in her head.

Mrs. Jim makes a delicious Potato Salad with her own experimenting as well.  One version has small apple slices in to give it a little crunch.  Always it has onions, sweet pickle relish, hard boiled eggs, and mayo.  I think she might put a little sugar in sometimes as well.

In the picture of my lunch plate you see lots of yellow mustard applied to the top.  My Rule No. 107 is never to mess with the cooks creations very much.  The cook in your favorite restaurant appreciates when you ooh and awe over his or her cooking.  But on the leftovers, Rule No. 107.a allows for a liberal application of mustard on Potato Salad.

(2) Week's Favorite:  This could have been the Potato Salad above, but too much has been going on for that. 

Instead, this Week's Favorite was Easter and the pre-Easter preparations.  My pictures will be fairly self-explaining. [You can click on them to make them a tad bit larger.  My Picasa (free) program is not working well so that will be all the bigger I can make them at this time.]

Good Friday evening our daughter Karen and family invited Mrs. Jim and I over for Dinner, aka Supper. Above is the hors d'oeuvre hour yummies. She baked the Gougères (link) making them of Goat Cheese.  The eggs are candy coated chocolate eggs, in the other bowls are pop corn, potato chips, and mixed nuts.  On the tray was crackers and anther homemade cheese spread.

Seafood Bouillabaisse was our main dishIt is a French tomato based stew derivation with some vegetables.  Then Karen's for seafood had mussels, shrimp, and whitefish. 

When Mrs. Jim is with Karen and KP we have a 'three generation' gathering.  By the time I took this picture we had all removed our crowns that were inside the crackers.

(Easter Crackers link)  On the Easter Table Crackers (they also make them for Christmas and just plain party table crackers) you have the neighbor on your right take one end and you take the other, in your right hand.  Then your neighbor on your left will offer you one end of his or her cracker.  One command every one pulls.  The thing pops when it gets pulled apart. 
At the front of our house we placed the cross you see to the left of the entryway.  The letters are on the backside and the resulting white cross goes out Friday Evening.  Then on Sunday morning the sign is meant to be turned around showing the letters, "He is Risen!"  The smaller letters below say, "He is Risen Indeed!"  I brought the sign in Tuesday morning.

(3) foot/feet:  I have sometimes threatened to have a Pretty Foot contest or an Ugly Foot contest on my blog.  Then I will say that my right foot win the Ugly Foot contest and the right will win the Pretty Foot contest.  I do have several posts about feet or foot situations.  ( Links,  ,  )

Here are pictures of my feet today and one from another day (sideways view).  [You can click on the pictures to make them appear in larger size.]

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The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's HuntHer rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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