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Friday's Hunt for the week of May 5th:  (1) Starts with R; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) window

(1) Starts with R: "RED"-- so here I have an assortment of RED.  I'll tell a little as well.  Please note that my Week's Favorite and the Window also have RED
I'll start things out with JPJP is my great-grandson.  Here he is still one year old, but last week's Friday's Hunt post had some pictures of his second birthday celebration with Family.
So this is RED for his little Red Petal Car.  He goes all over the house in it.
Next I have more for the RED assortment.  First we will have a little food with red.  Did you know that a lot of food has Red, some even have used Red Dye to accent the Red color?

Today, what's left of it is Cinco de Mayo, the Fifth of May, the day when Mexico made it big time.  It is  a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla.  Read more about it here.
Mexican food uses a lot of Red Tomatoes and Red Tomato Sauce, which gives the Mexican a red hue.  On the plate at the left is a chili relleno, a chili pepper stuffed with meat or cheese (link).  Beside the small bowl of (also used Tomato Sauce) charro beans (link) is a small pico de gallo (link) salad with pieces of red tomato
On the right is a MacDonald's Egg MacMuffin with a fried egg and a slice of processed ham.  But notice my ketchup bottle, ketchup is definitely red from red tomato.  The good thing about Egg MacMuffin (English muffin) is that they are half price if you will enter a little survey which is on your last receipt.  The half price is good until one month after that previous sale.  Note:  If you are used to eating real British English Muffins you will be disappointed.  The American variety is tough while the British is more like fresh made bread in consistency.

On the left is a small plate of the included breakfast at our Washington D.C. hotel.  We styed at the Marriot in downtown.  Of course the strawberries are red as is the catsup red for my scrambled eggs.
On the left is one of the new size graham crackers with my favorites spread, chocolate frosting and peanut butter.  What is red is the little Red Plate.  It isn't really a plate but I have forgotten what is from, probably a lid of some sorts.  Don't you just hate it that the graham cracker has been downsized??  The box now holds 15 ounces of theses smaller crackers instead of the 16 ounces in the old regular size.

Here we have a winner if the owner would just put his "Johnny Cash put together truck"  Remember that song, the fellow would steal one part for his car a day from his work.  Then after a few years he would have a whole car, a 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 Cadillac. (ONE PIECE AT A TIME by Johnny Cash, click for Lyrics or YouTube )
What is Red here are the taillights on each car.  Almost dark, they really show up.  BTW, I would hate to HAVE TO identify the pickup but I am guessing that it is a Ford, around the 1980's.

Here are two patriotic vehicles, a RED, WHITE, AND BLUE bus running the streets of Washington D.C. and the Katy Plumbing truck.  I'd rather have the black Dodge Challenger above.
[You can click on the pictures for a larger size.  Some you click a second time for larger still.]
(2) Week's Favorite: Flower Girl at the wedding.  Ladies, left to right: my niece, mother of the bride; Mrs. Jim, great-aunt of the bride; and Lois, grandmother of the bride and my sister from Iowa (link).  In the foreground is the flower girl, my great-great-niece and niece of the bride as well.  (More below)(I might be my own grandfather.)

This, on the left, was after the wedding of my great-niece.  The flower girl was my niece's niece, making the flower girl my great-great-niece.  She scattered her Red Petals all over the Red Carpet of the Church.  Then after the wedding she came back an picked the Petals all back up, putting them in her basket.

On the right is also inside the old Methodist church, the ceiling of which was decorated with Red Umbrellas for the wedding.  This church survived the Great Flood of brought on by a hurricane in 1900.  But it was not so fortunate the last hurricane, but now much of it has been restored, capable of having regular church services and activities.

(3) Window: This is a row of mostly Hotels in Honfleur, France (link).  I would opt for a room with a view, i.e. a pretty view from my window.

I will tell more about our visit to this place next week, it will be my "S" Word Story of the Week.
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The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's HuntHer rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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