Friday, July 21, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.4.03 -- "C" is for ...

Friday Hunt for the week of July 21st:  
(1) Starts with "C"; (2) Building; and (3) Something I wear

(1) Starts with "C":  These are not my Camel Bells (if I can find them/I couldn't).  (Mine look a lot like these pictured only newer, bright brass color with engravings.  I'll tag this post with a "Camel Bells  "Label" here and with a post of mine to come later showing and telling of my Camel Bells.  Click on this picture for larger viewing or you can see the ones on the right better by themselves at

I bought my Camel Bells from a street vendor in Egypt, probably Cairo, in our 1980.  There to the Sphinx we did ride a camel up the hill to visit the largest pyramid.  My pictures need to be scanned to show here.

Alternative "C", Clocks in our House.  The one above is an old English pendulum clock from the 1860's.  We have some documentation on it.  It is a gift to Mrs. Jim.
Daily driver if I NEED to wake up before I wake up.
It used to be Karen's who needs an extra loud one.

Watches with history.  One is my grandfather's who hocked it to get back
home to Nebraska from Arkansas where he couldn't make a living farming.
Another belonged to Mrs. Jim's father.  She bought an uncle
a new watch to replace his in order to have this one.
Finally one has been 'willed' to me by Katrin's deceased owner.
Clocks on our built-in Book shelves:
Three carriage clocks, British I believe.  Given to Mrs. Jim.
Three French clocks, we don't have them running.  They
sit on a large secretary standing next to the stairs.Given to Mrs. Jim. 
I also have a wall clock larger than these that hangs in my 'office'.
We also have my parents Kitchen clock, about 18 inches high, windup.
And an Emperor hall clock which we bought and I assembled.

(2) Building: The Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.  No, we didn't stay there, way too many $$$$Bucks for us.  But we did go there for coffee one afternoon.  Mrs. Jim and I opted for a nice Cappuccino.  We were served in the hotel lobby.


This January we traveled with Karen's family to visit BP who is attending college there.  While there we went on a campus tour and attended a play she had produced.  Some of those pictures are on another post.

(3) Something I wear:  Most year round I wear golf or sporting shirts and shorts.  The color fitting me is blue.  These socks I just washed, Iwash my own clothes.  The small pair was for Adi so she wouldn't scratch the floors.  But she would not wear them.  But she didn't scratch the floors either. 

I have twelve pair of the larger ones, always I can find a mate.

My most common shoe is a pair of  sandals.  Yes, winter too.  My best ones are a pair of Dockers Gladiator sandals.  They are made of leather and really were comfortable.  But seems hardly anyone makes them of leather anymore, they all are plastic (man made materials).

Once in a while Mrs. Jim has me wearing longer pants.  That would be for social events (not all) and church things.  A small percentage do wear shorts to church, blue jeans are the leader but not nearly half wear those.  This is a picture I took at church this week.  We were sitting about half way up, on one of the second section's front row.

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The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click)is running this meme, Friday's Hunt. Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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