Friday, November 24, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.4.21 -- "U" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of November 24th:    1. Starts with U;  2. mosaic/collage; and  3. “I ate this”

Mrs. Jim's Brother and Sister-in-law visited us over the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Both Mrs. Jim and her brother are LSU Alumni.

1. Starts with "U":
"U" is for "Uruguay", there on Mrs. Jim's Birthday, January 1, 2017

"U" is for "Under" -- "Under the 'balloon drop'".  What do people do underneath a balloon drop anyway?
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This was New Year's Eve, 2016.  We were on our trip from Los Angels down to the bottom of the world, around Cape Horn and back up to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We stopped at the Falklands (amongst other lots of other places) on the way back up.

What do they do at the drop?  First, they wait and wait.  Then they look up or down on the balloons falling.  Lastly, they stomp all the balloons until all are broken and the floor is ready for dancing.  A few will save a couple to take home to show the kids.

2. mosaic/collage
I think this would make a beautiful Mosaic.  I might try it. 

This picture was part of the decorations on our cruise walls.  It was for sale.

If you don't like this then try the Breakfast Dish below or the half eaten Texas Cinnamon Apple Fritter I picked up this morning.  I am not particular.  I hope our 'Teacher' isn't.

3. “I ate this”:  Take your pick, either the "Breakfast dish that Mrs. Jim made for me" or the "Texas Cinnamon Apple Fritter" that I bought this morning.

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The Fine Print: 

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