Friday, December 01, 2017

Goodbye ~~ Friday’s Hunt v.4.22 -- "V" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of December 1st:
1. Starts with V; 2. Wood; and 3.Festive

Saying "Goodbye", us on ship on the  left, and
our new Russian friends left behind in Moscow, right.
1. Starts with "V":  "Voyage" starts with "V".  My favorite River Voyage was our Fall 2006 river passage from Moscow to St. Petersburg.  That all took 12 lovely days, we were the last Viking Line boat to make the trip before Spring.  Our ship would soon be frozen in the water at the riverside docks in St. Petersburg.
The above pictures were shown here.  Below, from the trip summary post here.
"Russia" on my blog search


2. Wood:  Kizhi was a United Nations Heritage site with it's many "Wooden" churches and buildings.  Here we had self guided tours with each major building having a guide to explain things.  Other smaller places had signs which told us what we were seeing.  Built on a small island, we walked from one end to the other. [Be sure to click on the pictures for larger sized viewing -- Back button will/should return you here.]

3. Festive:  Mrs. Jim's Brother, Danny, and SIL, Winetta visited us for the "Thanksgiving week".  The Jim Bunch ate a lot.  And did sightseeing.

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The Fine Print:
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