Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 07-18 (for letter "G")

This week's (February 16) prompts 
Starts with "G";  A Favorite; and Green

Starts with "G":  Giraffe starts with "G".  Today I'm posting some pictures when we took our youngest granddaughter, KP,  to the Houston (Texas) Zoo.  We had purchased some giraffe food but she was not yet two at that time and didn't want to be in the giraffe's nose.


Favorite:  After reviewing KP at museum. We once more fell in love with KP at that visit. Here she is sizing up a lamb at the petting yard.  Today she won't pet a dog, let alone pull a sheep's ear.

Something Green:  Had hoped to find some green at the zoo. But since I didn't how about this green grasshopper that I found in Tennessee.

Any idea of what this grasshopper eats?
Langnape:  The GMC logo (link).  I wasn't familiar with the GMC until 1954.  That was when we blew an engine in our 1934 Ford Coupe modified stock racing car.  Our sponsor decided not to spend anymore big money on our car so we punted.

We did lay our hand on a 1936, could have been 1937, Chevy Coupe and put a GMC engine in it.  Our race rules limit on engines was 300 cubic inches (ci) so we put in a GMC 302 engine, bored and stroked to about 375 ci.  A GMC 270 head fit right on so we never were subject to a tear down of the engine.
A 1936 Chevy Coupe model 
Google found it but they said
the source was unknown.

The car wasn't nearly as fast around the corners as our little Ford.  This was because of the side location of the intake manifold, at the side of the engine, and the effect of gravity (a "G" word) pulling on the fuel.  Electric fuel pumps did not remedy this, it was also the fuel mainly in the carburetor but clinging to the outside while the engine was inside (Ford carburetors were located on top, in the center of the engine). 

So it always stayed in the "B" Feature final race and sometimes would win.  But it never made, or could make the "A" Feature.

Day at the Zoo with an eighteen-month-old grandchild in a nutshell:.


We played with the goats in the petting zoo

We fed the giraffes then gazed at them for a bit

We rode the merry-go-round

We ate a nice lunch from Grandma's bag

We took pictures a zillion times

The elephants were to KP the most amazing. They were huge!

Mrs. Jim, KP, and I visited the Houston Zoo on November 1, 2011.  KP, here peeking around and through the bridge, was one and a half at the time and really enjoyed seeing the animals and fishes.

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